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Small Monsters

Large Monsters

Large Monsters

Number of Monsters - Comparison with Previous Games

Logo-MHFU.png Logo-MHF2.png Logo-MHF1.png
June 23/26, 2009 August 29, 2007 May 23, 2006
  • # Small Monsters: 23
  • # Large Monsters: 58
  • # Total Monsters: 81
  • # Small Monsters: 23
  • # Large Monsters: 47
  • # Total Monsters: 70
  • # Small Monsters: 14
  • # Large Monsters: 31
  • # Total Monsters: 45


  • 11 new Large monsters were added to the game.
  • Yian Garuga will also have G-Level materials.
  • Diablos and Yian Garuga have aesthetic changes in this game.
  • There are quests in which Diablos only has One Horn, with the other already broken.
  • There are quests in which Yian Garuga will either have its original scarred look, or a complete undamaged look.