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Guild Style

Standard style,

2 skill slots

The SP state for Guild Style boosts the use speed for items such as traps and potions.

Striker Style

Attacker style,

3 skill slots

This style focuses on the use of Hunter Arts, and boosts the rate at which Hunter Art gauge is filled.

The SP state for Striker Style causes Hunter Art gauge to slowly fill over time.

Aerial Style

Vaulter style

1 skill slot

A style that changes your roll into a vaulting roll, if you touch a monster or other player during the second half of the roll you are boosted into the air, allowing for unique aerial moves for each weapon type.

The SP state for Aerial Style boosts the Stamina regeneration rate after vaulting off a monster.

Adept Style

Dodger style

1 skill slot

During a roll, if a monster attack would hit you, you instead dash through the attack with a lengthy invulnerability period, followed by a short dash. During the dash you are giving access to special attacks. With weapons that can block, if you do so right when a monster attacks, you also gain the ability to use special moves.

The SP state for Adept Style lengthens the window for you to perform an Insta-Evade.

Valor Style

Defender style

1 skill slot

Alchemy Style

Supporter style

3 skill slots

Grants you an Alchemy Barrel, which fills up to 5 charges both over time and as you deal damage. When you use the barrel you can shake it once for each charge, or use it to gain an Alchemy item of your choice, which have special effects, such as the Alchemy Whetstone adding a short buff to the rate you gain Hunter Art gauge. It also is the only style which allows you to have 3 SP arts, and as you use the barrel, SP arts are powered up, boosting the effect that is granted to each style.

The SP state for Alchemy Style boosts Alchemy Barrel charge rate and health regeneration.

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