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New Maps

Misty Peaks
Lava Canyon
Polar Field
Sacred Pinnacle
MountainStream03 LavaCanyon New Ukanlos Area Mountain Summit

Small Arena
New are 2

Map Changes

  • Deserted Island: Underwater Areas removed (12, 11, half of 10). Base Camp looks completely different and now goes to Area 1. Area 8 is accessible from Area 10 (by climbing). All of Area 4 is shown.
  • Flooded Forest: Underwater areas still present, but they all appear to have dried out. The path from Area 4 to 6 isn't one-way anymore, and there is now a path between Areas 3 and 8 (seemingly the one used by monsters in MH Tri). There also appears to be three spots (pillars) in Area 8.
  • Sandy Plains: The path from Area 11 to Area 7 isn't one-way anymore.
  • Tundra: The path from Area 3 to Area 5 isn't one-way anymore. The path used by Deviljho in Monster Hunter 3 is opened up and Area 8 and Area 9 will appear on the map. Also, Areas 4 and 5 do not require torches.
  • Volcano: Not many changes. The mining spots still remain on the same place but change into cracked walls instead.

Some areas also appear to be smaller or larger compared to the others, but it may be due to the fact that the maps were a little compressed to fit the PSP screen. The short-cut from the Sandy Plains Base Camp remains, but the short-cut from the Flooded Forest Base Camp is removed due to its underwater nature.
The Deserted Island Base Camp has been changed completely, and now has no short-cuts.
*Unlike MH3, the gathering points will be at fixed points rather than random spawns.

Returning Areas

Deserted Island
Flooded Forest
Sandy Plains
Mh3forest Mh3swamp Mh33desert Mh3snowmountains

Great Desert
Land Arena
Mh3volcano GreatDesert Mh3landarena

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