The Hot Spring is located in the Guild hall of MHP3. Instead of a felyne kitchen of MHFU or the eating tables in MH3, the hot spring is the new method in which to gain stats before battle. Unlike before, you must complete quests to unlock these benefits.


Hot Spring Quests / 温泉クエスト

These quests upgrade the hot spring when completed. When all quests have been completed the hot spring gives +50 Health and +50 stamina.

Bath Quests
No. Objective Reward Location
1/7 Slay Bullfango 600z (+10 Health) Misty Peaks
2/7 Hunt Great Jaggi 1800z (+10 Health) Sandy Plains
3/7 Hunt Royal Ludroth 1800z (+25 Stamina) Flooded Forest
4/7 Hunt 2 Great Baggi 3600z (+10 Health) Tundra
5/7 Hunt Great Wroggi and Volvidon 4200z (+10 Health) Volcano
6/7 Hunt Nibelsnarf 4800z (+25 Stamina) Sandy Plains
7/7 Hunt Arzuros, Rathian, and Zinogre 7800z (+10 Health) Deserted Island

Drink Quests

After completing all quests you receive the 'Bandai-san's Fan' award.
Completing these quests unlocks a drink option with the cat within the sauna. Each quest unlocks a different drink. The hunter can pay to drink one drink of his choice before a mission, and each drink has a set of abilities attached to it which randomly activate, such as elemental resistance.

Drink Quests
No. Objective Reward Location Unlock Requirements Drink Unlocked
1/20 Hunt Duramboros  and Zinogre 9000z, Misty Peaks Clear all Village urgents and at least 60 Village quests. Miracle Milk (Felyne Dismantle Upgrade)
2/20 Hunt Brute Tigrex and Deviljho 16800z, Volcano Complete 3 HR 6 warning quests. Miracle Macchiato (Felyne Dismantle Upgrade)
3/20 Hunt Great Jaggi, Great Wroggi, and Great Baggi 7200z Small Arena Clear 30 different Village Quests Lucky Yogurt (Felyne Lucky Cat Upgrade)
4/20 Hunt Tigrex and Sand Barioth 16200z Sandy Plains Must be HR6 and clear 3 Marathon quests Lucky Lassi (Felyne Lucky Cat Upgrade)
5/20 Deliver 8 Golden Fish 1800z Flooded Forest Fish 15 times Celebri-tea (Crazy Lucky Cat)
6/20 Deliver 15 Bamboo shoots. 1800z, Misty Peaks Obtain 1000 Yukumo points or more in a single quest. Hako Beer (Felyne Supercat, Escape, and Lander)
7/20 Deliver 3 Herbivore Eggs 1800z, Sandy Plains Combine 20 different items. Wine Sample (Felyne Frugality, Gathering, and Vine Climber)
8/20 Slay 15 Wroggi 1800z, Flooded Forest Hunt a Great Jaggi Bokobo Cola (Felyne Attack Upgrade)
9/20 Hunt Gigginox and Barioth 8100z Tundra Hunt Royal Ludroth, Gigginox and Barioth at least 3 times. Boko Scotch (Felyne Attack Upgrade)
10/20 Hunt Zinogre and Rathalos 9000z Deserted Island Hunt Barroth, Rathalos and Zinogre at least 3 times. Liferoot Juice (Felyne Attack Upgrade)
11/20 Hunt Green Nargacuga and Steel Uragaan 15000z, Land Arena Hunt all monster subspecies Sni-Punch (Felyne Attack Upgrade)
12/20 Slay 10 Ludroth 1800z Flooded Forest Create at least 3 rarity 1-3 armor pieces. Hard Brown Rice (Felyne Defense Upgrade)
13/20 Hunt Purple Ludroth 7200z Deserted Island Create at least 10 rarity 4-7 armor pieces Hard Brown Rice (Felyne Defense Upgrade)
14/20 Hunt 2 Bulldrome 4500z Small Arena Capture at least 15 monsters. Hard Tea (Felyne Defense Upgrade)
15/20 Hunt Jade Barroth and Glacial Agnaktor 15600z, Tundra Capture all monster subspecies. Hard Tea (Felyne Defense Upgrade)
16/20 Hunt Arzuros 3000z Misty Peaks Hunt 1 Arzuros Hot Red Bean Soup (Fire Resist Up)
17/20 Hunt Barroth 4800z Sandy Plains Hunt 2 Qurupeco Natural Mountain Stream Water (Water Resist Up)
18/20 Hunt Lagombi and Bulldrome 4800z Tundra Hunt 2 Royal Ludroth Thunder Cider (Thunder Resist Up)
19/20 Hunt 3 Nargacuga 6000z Flooded Forest Hunt 2 Rathalos Frozen Milk (Ice Resist Up)
20/20 Hunt 3 Agnaktor 7200z, Volcano Slay the Jhen Mohran Dragon Tea of Destruction (Dragon Resist Up)