What's new with Felynes

  • Felyne Comrades return, along with new features similar to ChaCha (MH3). Up to two Felyne Comrades can be taken into a quest at the same time to better simulate multiplayer.
  • Felyne armors can be customized in two parts: Helmet and Torso. They are seen wearing the armor of Rathalos, Rathian, Jaggi, Lagombi, Ludroth, Arzuros, Zuwaroposu, Rhenoplos, Qurupeco, Barroth, Nargacuga, Uragaan, and Tigrex in the trailer and screenshots.
  • ---There are also special felyne armor such as Knight, Bone, and Metal Gear Solid.
  • ---Felyne weapons can either be Slash or Impact damage. Weapons can also be customized.
  • The creation of Felyne equipment will use monster "scraps". These are obtained when you create armor, the scraps left over are used to create felynes equipment so they (the felynes) progress as you do.
  • Felyne Comrades may drop useful items such as herbs, rations etc.
  • A health bar has been given to the Felyne Comrades. This bar is placed under its name, same as the health bar when in multiplayer.
  • New trailer shows two hunters fighting with two Felynes.
  • 1 Felyne for each hunter can be brought along in online quests. Only 2 hunters can bring a felyne into online quests.
  • Felyne data from Monster Hunter Diary: Felyne Village can be imported into MHP3rd and will also unlock a special armor.
  • --New skills, such as bounce bombs and boomerangs, are available.
  • Felyne Comrades now have 6 skill slots.
  • --Cats now have more emotions and features. Cats when outraged will become mad and powerful with an ! over their head. Same feature when in panic or taunting, a symbol will appear.
  • --Cats now have 3 methods of attack (melee, boomerang, and bomb).
  • --Cats have targeting trends, they can mainly attack large or small foes, or even a balance of both.
  • All above features (with -- symbol)are based on the cat's personality when it is obtained (same with fur color).
  • You can now change your cat's name.
  • When buying felynes, you can choose what type of cat you want with a new cat search feature.

Felyne's Traits and Skills

This is for people who don't understand and want to choose a desired felyne.

Attack Type
Japanese Names English Names
近接のみ Melee Only
爆弾のみ Bombs Only
ブーメランのみ Boomerangs Only
近接と爆弾 Melee + Bombs
近接とブーメラン Melee + Boomerangs
爆弾とブーメラン Bombs + Boomerangs
  • Normal Attack contains both Slash and Impact (Depending on the Weapon Equipped)
  • Bomerangs are Ranged Attacks
Attack Target
Japanese Names English Names
小型一筋 Small Monsters Only (If there is no small monster, it will start attacking the large one)
小型優先 Prefers Small Monsters (Will still attack some large monsters)
バランス Balance
大型優先 Prefers Large Monsters (Will still attack some small monsters)
大型一筋 Large Monsters Only (If there is no large monster, it will start attacking small ones)

Japanese Names English Names Ability
勇敢 Courageous When Boss or large monsters are in sight, it will start attacking without regarding its own health. Will never turn into 'Panic' mode.
こざかしい Cunning, Smart, Playful If Boss is in rage mode, or player is in low health, it will start attracting the monster.
臆病 Timid, Craven, Cowardly When it needs to fight, it will disappear by digging into the ground. (Leaving an item for the player such as a potion.)
主人愛 Loyal, Honest When player's health is low, it will start attacking using gas bombs.
チャンス派 Chancy, Opportunism, Tactical If large monsters are in a dying state, shock, flinch etc. felyne will start attacking rapidly. Panic mode has a high chance to activate.
ねばり上手 Persistant, Hardiness, Tough When monsters are in rage mode or when the felyne is in low health, regeneration rate will increase. (especially when there is a '!' next to the name)

Pacifist, Peace-loving

Felyne does not attack, only supports player.

When you choose your felyne, choosing option 1 will lead to the hiring page. While choosing option 2 leads to a custom page where you choose your own traits (Only 1 trait can be selected). The felyne of that trait can be selected after your next quest.