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Great Sword Icon WhiteLong Sword Icon WhiteSword and Shield Icon WhiteDual Blades Icon WhiteHammer Icon WhiteHunting Horn Icon WhiteLance Icon WhiteGunlance Icon WhiteSwitch Axe Icon WhiteLight Bowgun Icon WhiteHeavy Bowgun Icon WhiteBow Icon White

Weapon Trees

MHP3-Sword and Shield Equipment Render 001
Sword and Shield
MHP3-Dual Blades Equipment Render 001
Dual Sword
MHP3-Long Sword Equipment Render 001
Long Sword
MHP3-Great Sword Equipment Render 001
Great Sword
MHP3-Hammer Equipment Render 001
MHP3-Hunting Horn Equipment Render 001
Hunting Horn
MHP3-Lance Equipment Render 001
MHP3-Gunlance Equipment Render 001
MHP3-Switch Axe Equipment Render 001
Switch Axe
MHP3-Light Bowgun Equipment Render 001
Light Bowgun
MHP3-Heavy Bowgun Equipment Render 001
Heavy Bowgun
MHP3-Bow Equipment Render 001


  • 12 weapons in total, including the Switch Axe from Monster Hunter 3. Great Sword, Long Sword, Sword & Shield, Dual Swords, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow.
  • No Bowgun customization. It's back to the Light and Heavy Bowguns only.
  • New attacks for most weapons.
  • Gunlance has changed significantly adding new attacks as seen in the trailer. The featured new attack where the hunter cocks the Gunlance, slams downwards and fires. This seems to use up all the currently loaded shells at once, as in the trailer there are 3 simultaneously explosions in the attack.
  • When using the Switch Axe, the infinite side swings attack can now follow on from the upswing; it also gains a new Poison Phial, which is purple in color.
  • The Switch Axe also gains a new Phial, a Stamina Reducing Phial which is blue in colour.
  • When using Heavy Bowgun, the player can now kneel down and then choose from specific ammo-types in their inventory. These specific Ammo types can be fired rapidly, and the amount of ammo that the Bowgun can hold will be greatly increased. However, the hunter is unable to move in that position.
  • Light Bowguns now use backhops and sidesteps instead of rolling.
  • The Bow also gains a new, bluish bottle. It has the stamina-reducing effect, similar to that of the Exhaust Shot used by Bowguns.
  • Bows also now have a radius area that indicates where arrow rain will land.
  • Bows can use an "arrow rain", which deals impact damage, but has a large delay between shot and impact.
  • Only nine of these twelve weapons are featured in the demo version; Gunlance, Hunting Horn and Bow are not available.
  • Armor spheres now give a single boost (+15) to a weapon's attack. If the weapon is further upgraded, this attack boost is lost, but can be regained by using another armor sphere. The type of armor sphere used (and the cost of upgrading) depends on the rarity of the weapon; for example, a Rare 7 weapon requires a Heavy Armor Sphere to improve, while a Rare 1 weapon simply requires a normal Armor Sphere.
  • Weapon stats and formulae seem to have been recalculated in order to be directly comparable between different weapon types; for example, the starting Great Sword has an attack power of 50.
  • Dual Swords now have a kind of Spirit Bar very similar to that of the Longsword. That Spirit Bar can only be raised while hitting a monster when the Dual Swords are in "Demonization" mode. When it is full, that Spirit Bar will start flashing red and white (like the Longsword's) and a red aura will appear around the hunter, which will disappear when the Spirit Bar becomes empty again. This Spirit Bar will start decreasing unless the hunter hits the monster again with the Dual Swords in "Demonization" mode.
  • Hunting Horns have been greatly modified, as Recital mode can be entered in the middle of an attack. The time it takes to play a melody has been greatly decreased as well, and simply attacking with the Hunting Horn will play notes (even when not hitting a monster). The player can then enter recital mode to play the song.
  • Hunting Horns also have a new, orange note. This is only available on high-end weapons, such as those of Brute Tigrex, High-Rank Zinogre, Amatsumagatsuchi etc.


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