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This is a list of all the base game endemic life that can be captured using the Capture Net and Fishing Rod. (For a list that includes Iceborne endemic life click here)

Terrestrial Life

Species Value Description Researcher's Notes Known Habitats Gold Crown Conditions
Shepherd Hare 7pt An animal often seen scurrying down narrow side paths. Follow one and you might discover a new shortcut. Just look at those ginormous ears! Fluffy, AND they can discern precise sounds to avoid danger! They're so clever it hurts! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Pilot Hare 77pt A rare animal that appears on sunny days. They've been said to guide travlers who have lost their way. Ooh, this is a rare one! It's warm to the touch, like a little ball of sunshine! I bet this little guy just loves picnics! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Forest Gekko 7pt An arboreal lizard often found near brightmoss, predating on the insects that are drawn to the light. These puppies have cute, beady little eyes that can pick out even the smallest of prey against a patch of brightmoss! Ancient Forest
Wildspire Gekko 6pt A lizard found near ant hills. Exceptionally large ant hills can draw a surprisingly large numbers. Barroth aren't the only ant-eaters in this desert! These guys love ants so much they'd give even a Barroth a run for their money! Wildspire Waste
Gloom Gekko 8pt A lizard found in caves and other dark places. Their coloration serves as a warning to ward off predators. What a garish color for such a dark place! It just screams, "Danger! Do not touch! And don't put me ANYWHERE near your mouth!" Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess
Moonlight Gekko 220pt A rare lizard whose brightmoss diet causes its tail to glow, a trait it uses to lure in prey. That shining tail! It's so pretty... I want to touch it... I want to be its best friend... *gasp* I almost fell for it! Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess
Vaporonid 5pt An Ancient Forest spider that spins webs larger in size than humans. Years of animal researching and I've never seen a web being made! Even if you destroy a web, it just magically appears again the next day! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Scavantula 8pt A ground-dwelling spider whose chief diet is rotting flesh. Often found living in groups near bonepiles. These buddies just love rotten meat! If you were to drop dead in the Rotten Vale, you might even be their next meal! Rotten Vale
Revolture 12pt A carrion-eating bird that scavenges meat from carcasses. It is often spotted flying above large monsters. These birds are always after large monsters' leftovers. If you spot one, a monster's probably lurking nearby! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess
Blissbill 15pt An herbivorous bird that feeds on fruits and seeds. Comfortable around humans and common near Astera. Their perfectly round eyes and heart-shaped faces make them popular pets. You may have seen some in Astera, too! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Dung Beetle 6pt A beetle known to roll balls of monster dung. This process hardens the dung into fine Slinger ammo. These fellas roll dung around all day long. Need some dung? Then look no further! What you do with it is none of my buisness! Wildspire Waste
Bomb Beetle 10pt A beetle known to roll large stones. Gathering from those stones often yields Slinger bomb pods. Is that an explosive rock it's rolling around!? It must have astounding thermal resistance! Let me just touch its legs to—OUCH! Elder's Recess
Paratoad 20pt A toad that releases paralyzing gas on impact. Its effect is potent enough to paralyze even large monsters. It stores paralysing gas in its body and releases it when threatened! See? Here, in its stoma—AGH! I... I can't.... mooove.... All locations
Sleeptoad 24pt A toad that releases sleeping gas on contact. Its effect is potent enough to put down even large monsters. It's developed organs that produce a sleep gas in order to survive in the Coral Highlands! When provoked it releases—ZZZZZZzzzzz... Coral Highlands
Nitrotoad 30pt A toad that secretes an explosive gel on impact. The blast is strong enough to stagger even large monsters. This one stores explosive fluids! But don't worry, I've learned my lesson with toads. I won't touch this one... Uh... is it leaking...? Elder's Recess
Wiggler 12pt A creature from the Coral Highlands. Match its eye level to put it at ease, allowing you to approach it. It wiggles in the wind and isn't blown away because it's anchored into the ground! Let's have a look at its feet... URRGH! It's stuck... Coral Highlands, Elder's Recess
Wiggler Queen 180pt A rare creature that appears only on moonlit nights. Watching it dance on the breeze is a truly magical sight. This empress of the night only appears when there's a full moon! Let's see if she'll deign to show us her royal feet... URRGH! Nope... Coral Highlands
Carrier Ant 6pt Ants that are known to carry about all sorts of items, including, rarely, large monster materials. They can life incredible weights, and even made the Wildspires. They could probably even carry you! If you put down your huge weapon... Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Rotten Vale
Emperor Hopper 8pt A grasshopper as big as its moniker would suggest. Its swift, frenetic jumps make it hard to capture. Authoritative expression... crown-like head and mantle-like wings... *gasp* A real emperor! F-Forgive us our impertinence! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Tyrant Hopper 10pt This previously docile, herbivorous insect underwent phase variation to become a vicious carrion-eater. Sometimes nature makes violent evolutions. BUT! To fully understand it, we must yet reach out a hand and... OUCH! I-It bit me! Rotten Vale
Iron Helmcrab 8pt A crustacean found in muddy terrain. It frequently carries hard objects and occasionally drops piercing pods. Wow! It really DOES look like a helmet! And it's carrying... a Piercing Pod? Well, I'm sure it won't mind if I take—Ow! Wildspire Waste
Soldier Helmcrab 11pt A crustacean native to the Rotten Vale. They travel in large packs, stripping meat from carcasses. They carry Slinger Thorns and march around on groups just like soldiers! Does that make thorns their rations? Do they... eat it? Ew... Rotten Vale
Emerald Helmcrab 240pt A beautiful crustacean usually seen during inclement weather. It's said to be rarer than its gem namesake. That avant-garde shell design, that superb silhouette and color scheme... Forget research, I'm getting out my sketch book! Wildspire Waste, Rotten Vale
Gold Helmcrab 14pt A creature that hordes Dragon Pods. It has gained the attention of those studying the flow of the everstream. Wowzers, even Helmcrabs have gone gold! Is it holding...a Dragon Pod!? Guess when you gotta eat, you gotta eat! The Caverns of El Dorado
Shiny Gold Helmcrab 120pt a creature that has hoarded a vast amount of Dragon Pods. The key to the Kulve Taroth mystery? This little one isn't too different from your regular Gold Helmcrab, but it's a lot shinier. Guess it hoarded more grub for itself? The Caverns of El Dorado
Copper Calappa 8pt A creature that feeds on gold fragments dropped by Taroth. Its shell becomes more golden by the year. Holy Hermitaurs! A shiny crab!? Looks like it'll drop something if you follow it. Wait, is that a piece of gold!? NICE! The Caverns of El Dorado
Gold Calappa 100pt A Calappa whose shine matches its old age. These creatures are often called living gold nuggets. Look at the shell on this thing! It makes me just wanna pick it up and scream "big gold haul coming through!" The Caverns of El Dorado
Tsuchinoko 500pt A creature that exists only in eye witness reports. To catch one is to become rich beyond imaginaion. Jeepers, talk about strange with a capital S. Its elastic body, and odd skin...I think I've heard fairy tales about this thing before... The Caverns of El Dorado

Aquatic Life

Species Value Description Researcher's Notes Known Habitats Gold Crown Conditions
Climbing Joyperch 5pt An amphibian that has retained many of its ancient characteristics. Their songs can be heard during rainfall. Oh my Wrog! This is THE quintessential ancestor of amphibians! Just as masterful in the water as on land... Magnificent! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Pink Parexus 15pt A fish whose physiology remains almost unchanged from its ancient ancestors. Its spiny fins help ward off predators. These fish are found all over the New World, show off some amazing primilive biology, AND they're easy fishing even for beginers! All Locations
Great Pink Parexus 200pt A jumbo-sized Pink Parexus. It must have lived for countless years to reach this size. N/A All Locations
Burst Arowana 18pt Fish that smell of gunpowder. Use their scales and fire herbs to craft large amounts of gunpowder. This fish is literally bursting with explosive chemicals! It hides in weedy shadows, but it'll run away if you wiggle your bait! All locations
Great Burst Arowana 180pt A jumbo-sized Burst Arowana. Greater in size and volatility. Handle with extreme care. N/A Elder's Recess
Bomb Arowana 20pt Fish that smell of gunpowder. Use their scales and fire herbs to craft large amounts of quality gunpowder. They're even burstier than regular Arowana, if you can believe it! They're sensitive to movement, so don't wiggle that bait! All locations
Great Bomb Arowana 200pt A jumbo-sized Bomb Arrowana. Greater in size and volatility. Handle with extreme care. N/A All Locations
Andangler 20pt A fish bearing a luminous protrusion on its head, which it uses to lure Flying Meduso, its primary prey. They like to draw Flying Meduso to their light and... CHOMP! It'd definitely be worth staying up all night to watch them in action! Coral Highlands
Hopguppy 3pt A fish that bounces across the surface of the water, spreading its pectoral fins to glide farther. Its specialized pectoral fins allow it to skip on water! It can even GLIDE! You won't be catching this one with a fishing pole! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands
Petricanths 500pt Previously known via fossils, this species was thought extinct. Finding otherwise was a real surprise. Unbelievable... You've managed to fish up the legendary, thought-to-have-gone-extinct Petricanths! I take my hat off to you! Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess
Whetfish 12pt
A fish with a dorsal fin hard enough to be used to sharpen weapons. They liike to swim around in relatively deep water. Try wiggling the lure if it doesn't bite right away! All locations Rain/Night
Great Whetfish 120pt A jumbo-sized Whetfish. Its dorsal fin surpasses even whetstones in its sharpness. N/A Elder's Recess
Gastronome Tuna 150pt A fish that eats anything-allowing you to sometimes get items from its stomach. These big fish like to snatch away bait! Use the rod's flexibility to your benefit to bring it in, and be sure to check it for items! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess
Great Gastronome Tuna 400pt A jumbo-sized Gastronome Tuna. Its ravenous diet has ballooned it into the king of gluttons. N/A Elder's Recess
King Marlin 180pt
A fish with a jaw shaped like a sword. Inhabits warm waters, and cannot be seen during cold nights. I knew that these are known to approach the shore in search of prey, but great job catching it! And not losing your pole in the process! Ancient Forest
Great King Marlin 560pt A jumbo-sized King Marlin. Its overwhelming size makes it seem like a different species entirely. N/A Ancient Forest, Hoarfrost Reach
Goldenfish 30pt
A rare fish that glitters as if it was actual gold. Its scales can fetch the same price as gold, too. Gold-scaled cave-dwellers, they'll hightail it if you wiggle your bait! They also like to nibble before taking a real bite, so don't get duped! Rotten Vale, Coral Highlands, Elder's Recess,Hoarfrost Reach
Great Goldenfish 150pt A jumbo-sized Goldenfish. Not only is it bigger, its color and luster rival the finest craftsman's art. N/A Rotten Vale, Coral Highlands,Hoarfrost Reach
Platinumfish 60pt A rare fish that shines like platinum, with glimmering scales just as valuable. Platinum-scaled cave-dwellers, they'll hightail it if you wiggle your bait! Your going to need a lot of patience if you want to catch one. Elder's Recess, Hoarfrost Reach
Great Platinumfish 300pt A jumbo-sized Platinumfish. Not only is it bigger, its color and luster rival the finest craftsman's art. N/A Elder's Recess, Hoarfrost Reach
Goldenfry 20pt
A small, rare fish that glitters like gold, and whose beautiful scales sell for just as much. Small cave-dwelling fish with precious scales, they'll try to psych you out with a nibble, so be patient—and don't wiggle your bait! All Locations
Great Goldenfry 200pt A jumbo-sized goldenfry. Not only is it bigger, its color and luster rival the finest craftsman's art. N/A All Locations
Sushifish 15pt
A fatty fish popular among hunters. Its scales are rich in nutrients and can restore health. These fish are useful in restorative items for their high nutritional value! Just wiggle your bait in some deep water, or blast them out! All Locations
Great Sushifish 150pt A jumbo-sized Sushifish. Generously plump from its bountiful supply of food. N/A  ?
Gunpowderfish 22pt
A fish that smells of gunpowder. Its unique scales can be used as explosive powder. Watch out-their bodies contain the same substances as Devil's Blight! They're hard to spot, but they react noticably to moving bait. Rotten Vale, Coral Highlands, Elder's Recess
Great Gunpowderfish 170pt A jumbo-sized Gunpowderfish. Greater in size and volitality. Handle with extreme care. N/A Rotten Vale

Airborne Life

Species Value Description Researcher's Notes Known Habitats Gold Crown Conditions
Cobalt Flutterfly 6pt A beautiful, vibrant butterfly with cobalt-blue wings. It's so pretty I'd mistaken it for a flower! The scales reflect the light into such a deep blue that it can only be called a miracle! Ancient Forest
Phantom Flutterfly 120pt A brightly-colored, incredibly rare butterfly. The few sightings reported of it have all been on sunny days. These magnificent wings! Their rainbow glow is so alluring... I... I can't tear my eyes away from it! What a masterpiece! Ancient Forest
Omenfly 6pt Insects that emit light from their tails. They usually glow white, but will glow red when in danger. See those glowing bellies? Usually they're yellow, but they turn red near big monsters... W-Why are they glowing red near me!? All locations
Augurfly 180pt A strange, rare insect that appears during foul weather. They only enter their adult stage during rainfall. They only emerge on rainy days, and it's said that the day after is guaranteed to be sunny! They're like good weather charms! All locations Rain/Night
Scalebat 7pt A flying wyvern that evolved to life in caves, taking on a much smaller, bat-like appearance. Upon inspection, these seem to have scales. And claws... and fangs! Great Gravios! They're mini-wyverns! I've made a huge discovery! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess
Gold Scalebat 11pt A relative of the scalebat, this nocturnal hunter developed a shiny coat as a result of inhabiting the golden underground. These scales reflect the light so perfectly, they look like pure gold! I though scalebats only liked the dark, but these babies wanted to SHINE! The Caverns of El Dorado
Elegant Coralbird 8pt The common name for a female Coralbird. Their vibrant pink color is a result of their coral diet. Look! A female Coralbird! They can hover silently in the air, and they can eat coral! What superbly adapted creatures! Coral Highlands
Dapper Coralbird 180pt The common name for a Coralbird male. Extremely rare, as they only appear for mating. Coralbirds only allow one chosen male into their flock. In other words, this guy's the top dog-or bird... You know what I mean! Coral Highlands
Vigorwasp 10pt An insect that collects restorative nectar in its body, releasing it in a cloud when struck. The fluid that it collects in this sac here is... that's right, Vitality nectar! Its healing properties should be useful in a pinch. Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands
Giant Vigorwasp 40pt An insect that stores a highly concentrated nectar which leaves a restorative cloud when released. Its nectar has stronger healing properties than average, and it even releases a healing mist when its sac is ruptured! Ancient Forest
Flying Meduso 7pt A native to the Coral Highlands that moves by riding the wind. Found in areas with the strongest breezes. Seeing Flying Meduso is a dead give-away that there's a wind currently nearby! Find it, and YOU too can fly like the wind! Coral Highlands
Flashfly 12pt An insect that emits a bright flash when struck, which is brighter when in a swarm. The flash blinds monsters. Wow, this puppy's BRIGHT! Even a large monster would be stunned by it, I'm sure. It's like a living Flash Bomb... with wings! All locations
Grandfather Mantagrell 25pt A creature that rides air currents to float in midair. Weak to impacts, one good blow will bring it down. Be gentle with this fella. GENTLE! If you hit it with even ONE shot from your slinger, it'll come careening down to the ground. Coral Highlands

Treetop Life

Species Value Description Researcher's Notes Known Habitats
Woodland Pteryx 8pt A bird common to forested areas. Its bones and feathers resemble those of a prehistoric creature. Serrated teeth, and those remiges... So much in common with prehistoric birds that it's a veritable living fossil! Ancient Forest
Forest Pteryx 200pt A rare bird. Though it resembles fossilized species, it also has unprecedented physical features. I'm so excited my hands are shaking. Its red crown...and that blue plumage! To this it was in the Ancient Forest all along. Ancient Forest
Hercudrome 25pt A large beetle with impressive horns. Hercudromes only inhabit seven specific spots in the Ancient Forest. Only seven of these are said to exist in the entire forest! To think that I'd ever see one in my lifetime... I'm... *sob* I'M SO HAPPY! Ancient Forest
Gold Hercudrome 200pt A glistening golden beetle, thought to bring good fortune. It only appears at night. The Bringer of Light? The Bug of Brilliant Gold? I... I'm speechless! heart feels like it's been dipped in golden bliss! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Prism Hercudrome 500pt A shiny, rainbow-colored beetle. Due to its crepuscular nature, it is only usually seen at dawn and dusk. This is the... I... How in the WORLD did you manage to... Ooh, the colors... One, two... four... It's blinding me with rainbow colors! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess


Species Value Description Researcher's Notes Known Habitats
Downy Crake 200pt A legendary rare bird. Covered in decadently soft down. It travels atop the back of its symbiotic host. You caught a Downy Crake!? They've been seen on the backs of monsters before, but you're the first person EVER to catch one! Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands
Bristly Crake 800pt A legendarily rare bird, covered in bizarrely stiff, bristly down. It travels atop the back of its symbiotic host. Great jumping Jagras! A Bristly Crake!? The fleet-footed bird of legend...right before my very eyes! Someone pinch me... Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess
Cactuar 300pt A mysterious creature from Eorzea that looks like a cactus but is not. Releases 1000 needles when struck. It's one of the cute creatures from Eorzea! I tried to pet it, but this little guy's got thorns-- a thousand of them! I'll be tweezing for weeks... Wildspire Waste
Cactuar Cutting 85pt A mysterious creature from Eorzea that looks like a cactus but is not. Very fast when it needs to escape. It's one of the cute critters from Eorzea! It's kinda like a cactus, uh, if a cactus had legs and could run at mach speed... Wildspire Waste
Flowering Cactuar Cutting 1000pt A mysterious creature from Eorzea that looks like a cactus but is not. Sprouts only once in a few decades. It's one of the cute critters from Eorzea! It's adorable little flower on top makes me just wanna squeeze it--OUCH! Wildspire Waste
Nekker 350pt A creature from another world. A lone nekker is harmless, but five are dangerous... Or so they say. The nekker doesn't seem to be preying on other monsters in the forest...Perhaps it forages, instead, ventures out after dark and takes their food? Ancient Forest

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  • The cactuars are part of a collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV.
  • The nekker is part of a collaboration with The Witcher III.
  • Catching every species of endemic life, including great sized fish, unlocks the "Wild, Wild, Wildlife" Guild Card background.
  • Petricanths is the only Aquatic Wildlife species caught with a pole that does not have a Great size.
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