Magnamalo is a Fanged Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Rise.

The flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise, Magnamalo is a fearsome Fanged Wyvern that hunts its prey with relentless malice.


Magnamalo are large, muscular Fanged Wyverns with some resemblance to tigers, primarily clad in purple and yellow plates of armour with red underbellies. Their heads have a short tiger-like snout and two foldable tusks under their cheeks, a pair of long ears at the back, and lastly they sport a pair of massive yellow horns on top. Both their fore and hind legs end in four clawed digits, and the forelegs are each also armed with a single large, curved back, serrated blade. A Magnamalo's tail ends in a spear-like tip composed of three spikes that can fold outwards to form a trident-shape.


Magnamalo are capable of creating mysterious purple flames from their mouths, tails and fore legs. They seem to be able to render themselves completely invisible in the night while creating this purple flame, making the flame look almost ethereal or ghostly.

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