Majek (Japanese マッホ Mahho) is Guild Master found within Gildegaran.

MHST-Majek Render 001


Majek is a wise individual.


He is old friend of Chief Omna that the Player meets in Gildegaran. Majek introduces himself as the Guildmaster of Gildegaran that knows many things about the world. He teaches young monster riders, such as the Player, about their life and about the monster hunters they have never seen before. Both the world of hunters and riders collude together in more ways than one.


Majek is a short and old Wyvern who wears a tall blue turban-like hat decorated in yellow wraps and purple jewels, a beautiful blue and light blue robes, and carries a large staff with two large horns and purple crystal in the top center.


  • He enjoys collecting Bottle Caps and rewards the Player when given them.


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