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Makili Pietru are Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Stories.


It resembles a Versa Pietru but heavily altered due to the Black Blight. the fur has become brown and black. It has also gained red spikes on its back. The tail has gain several triangle furs around the tail.

Behavior and Abilities

It also has the power to spread the Black Blight and can corrupt even a Rider's Monstie. Much more desire than ever, it desire to destroy the world. Makili Pietru can create barriers to protect themselves from attacks and can break when either the head or tail is damaged. It retains the ability to regenerate and heal its wounds. Makili Pietru can use elemental beams as well. Makili Pietru has been observed creating spikes on the ground. It can also create a powerful orb to surround itself before launching like a meteor to cause major damage to the point of instant kill.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Stories
MHST-Makili Pietru Icon.png Legendary black dragon. Darkens the skies, swallows up light; the very embodiment of despair.


General Notes

  • Makili Pietru's head and tail can be wounded.
    • However, Makili Pietru may use a turn to regenerate these parts.
  • Despite being considered a separate monster, Makili Pietru is none other than a Versa Pietru infected by the Black Blight.

Monster Hunter Stories

  • When near death, Makili Pietru can use the "Black Reprimand" attack, which takes two turns to charge and attacks on the third turn, killing both the player and Monstie.
  • Makili Pietru can only be fought once during the main story.