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Malzeno is an Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.


Malzeno has a body shape reminiscent of a European dragon, similar to Velkhana, with dark scales covering its body along with red feather-like tufts on its neck, chest, and front legs. Its wings, while being dull grey when looked at from above, have a red underside. The wing membrane connects "separately" to the wing fingers, and each wing possesses a single, giant talon. There is also a pair of smaller fins, similar in coloration to the wings at the base of its tail. Three of the fingers on its front legs end in a curved, giant claw. It has two large, golden horns, as well as frills extending from both sides of its neck that resemble a cowl. Its tail ends in three large spikes. It can cover its body with its wings like a cape.


While its full potential is currently unknown, Malzeno is shown to be strong enough to take down powerful monsters such as Rathalos.


  • Malzeno seems to be based on classical gothic vampires like Count Dracula. This is evidenced not just by its design, but also by the sound of drinking in the teaser trailer for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, implying that Malzeno sucks the blood of other monsters, such as Rathalos.[1]


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