Master Shipwright (Japanese 船大工の親方) is a captain and ship builder found living within Jumbo Village.



He is a stoic person that is willing to go through all sorts of troubles, while also keeping a leveled head, unless you're a Plesioth.


Once a hunter, the Master Shipwright had to retire from hunting due to an to injury on his left arm and right leg from a giant Plesioth attacking a ship he was sailing. Thankfully, he washed up on shore after the attack before retiring officially. Now Master Shipwright lives within Jumbo Village, where he helps build ships for the community and where he teaches future sailors all of his tricks. Though he has taken up a new career, the Master Shipwright still continues to have a deep hatred for Plesioth, especially the giant one he encountered. From this long retirement, he is known to occasionally arm wrestle with some youngsters in Jumbo Village for fun, including hunters.


Master Shipwright wears a light colored vest and shorts, plus has facial hair that greatly resembles a catfish.


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