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The Medium Bowgun (ミドルボウガン Midorubougan) is a new classification of Bowgun introduced in Monster Hunter 3. It is a balance between Heavy and Light Bowguns. In exchange for somewhat slower movement, they have better power than a Light Bowgun. In exchange for a lack of a shield that some Heavy Bowguns have, they are far better at evasive movements, like rolls. Medium Bowgun parts may also have Rapid Fire built in, like a Light Bowgun, but it does not seem to fire as many bullets. Some may fold, causing a set-up to be required after the gun is unsheathed and when it is sheathed. This process takes more time than just using an unfold-able bowgun.
3rdGen-Medium Bowgun Equipment Render 001

Bowguns in Monster Hunter 3 actually consist of three separate parts: Frame, Barrel, and Stock. These each have their own weight values, and can be mixed and matched and the collective weight of the parts determines what weight category the resulting bowgun will fall in:

  • Light - 29 weight or less
  • Medium - 30 ~ 70 weight
  • Heavy - 71 weight or greater

This fact means that you can use a Light Bowgun part that has the ammo selection you want, while still maintaining the weight you want. You can even put on a Shielding Barrel, as long as it keeps you below 71 weight, you'll still have a "Medium Bowgun." This customization means you have free reign over your Bowgun, allowing you to specifically build your gun to specialize in different situations.

Control Scheme

Monster Hunter 3's Bowguns are controlled identically to Bowguns in previous Monster Hunter installments.

An image excerpt from the North American demo manual detailing control schemes is available: MH3: Bowgun Controls