The Meowscular Chef (Japanese 料理長) is a Felyne chef that lives in Astera.


Massive and brawny (for a felyne), the Meowscular Chef fits the description of a muscle head. He's obsessed with acquiring "gains", and encourages hunters to eat at his canteen so they can bulk up. He'll even call hunters scrawny, despite the height disparity. He has somewhat of a dramatic flair in the way he cooks. He trusts in his old partner, the Admiral, and instinctively seems to know when he's up to something.[1]


The Chef was once the Palico partner of the Admiral.[2] After breaking his weapon, he decided to take up cooking, figuring that he could help more hunters that way.[3] He opened his own canteen, Weapons and Cathouse (Japanese 武器と山猫亭), and now serves all of Astera.


True to his name, the Meowscular Chef is bigger and more muscular than other Felynes. He wears an apron and the First Fleet's flag as a bandanna. He still carries his broken blade, which he uses to slice meat.





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