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In-Game Information

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  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Family: Rex

Mi Ru is classified as a Quadrupedal Flying Wyvern. It highly resembles the Dyuragaua with its roar and appearance, yet scientists have found that it is closely related to the Rex family.

Habitat Range

Mi Ru was first seen in the Nest Hole but there have been reports of it appearing in the Great Forest as well.

Ecological Niche

Mi Ru is a very dangerous, powerful and clever wyvern. Common prey includes Aptonoth, Kelbi, Mosswine, Bullfango, Hypnocatrice, and the smaller Prey Raptors. When it's on search for food it will have to compete with large predators such as Espinas, NargacugaBerukyurosuYian GarugaRebidioraEspinas Subspecies, and even the very dangerous Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern). When it wants to rest in the Nest Hole its main competition are Dyuragaua.

Biological Adaptations

Mi Ru is best known for it's black, furry body with crystals, that are made from body fluids, similar to Akura Jebia and Akura Vashimu. These crystals are found at its head, limbs and tail. The fluids that form the crystals flow throughout its body and can fight off most poisons very quickly. Mi Ru's most well known ability is its ability to change its body shape and fighting style. This ability is done through muscle contractions, changing the crystals on its body, and help from the strange components found in its own blood. A Mi Ru will change into these multiple "forms" in order to face different threats that require different approaches. Each form can be identified by looking at the colors of the crystals on its body. On its back are needle-like hairs that protect it from airborne attacks. Mi Ru have smooth, black scales that help it disappear into the darkness of night for camouflage.

Rarely, some unusual Mi Ru have been seen in the Tower, known as Shapeshifting Mi Ru. These Mi Ru have a blue aura around their body, white fur on their body, and tan-colored black scales. These individuals have been found to have a far more advanced fighting style compared to normal Mi Ru, including in each of their forms. Shapeshifting Mi Ru have been seen pinning foes down before smashing them rapidly with their claws, performing agile maneuvers to attack, and even making armor out of their crystal fluids.


Mi Ru is very territorial and will attempt to kill anything that enters its territory. From this only a limited few hunters are actually allowed to hunt Mi Ru from how dangerous and rare it is.

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