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In-Game Information

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Midogaron is a Fanged Beast and is the mutation of a lone Kamu Orugaron.

Habitat Range

These rare beasts have been sighted living in the hellish Volcano. They've also been seen to appear within the cool and damp Swamp during their Breeding Season.

Ecological Niche

Due to living on their own, Midogaron have had to become an exceptionally powerful hunters. Common prey consists of Apceros, Bullfango, Conga, Kelbi, lesser monsters, and Aptonoth. Midogaron must compete against equally powerful competitors such as Kamu Orugaron/Nono Orugaron, Lavasioth, BrachydiosAgnaktorRathalosNajarala , Abiorugu, and predatory Elder Dragons. But due to their speed, agility, and overall toughness Midogaron are powerful in their own right.

Biological Adaptations

The legs of a Midogaron are much more powerful than the standard Kamu's. There appears to be a strange and powerful force in a Midogaron's legs that allow it to move with almost supernatural speed. Its eyes also play apart in its speedy reactions. Its eyes allow it to calculate the distance of its prey and react to where its prey is possibly moving to next. Due to spending much of their time in the Volcano the fur of these canines has become resistant to fire. Many scientists are certain that Midogaron possess a flame-sac in their bodies in order for them to utilize fire based attacks. Interestingly some body parts of Midogaron are burning hot to the touch such as its claws, mane and canines.


Midogaron are solitary creatures that prefer to keep their distance from other large animals. These lone wolves are well known for fighting Kamu Orugaron for the right to mate with a Nono Orugaron, many of said battles are won by Midogaron.