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Minegarde was the online town for the original Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter G until the servers were shut down. This Town is not accessible in Monster Hunter Freedom.


The Town of Minegarde is built in a high mountain, upon connecting, hunters would appear in the Town Square, which provided Hub access to the Tavern, Armory, Guest House and Market areas.

The Market had three distinct item shops, specializing in basic materials, tools and food items, along with a special combiner shop, where players could combine items at a fee without the risk of producing garbage, provided they knew the combinations beforehand. Shops would often feature special sales in which rarer items could be acquired, with Wyvern Claws being the most sought-after item.

The Armory featured an equipment shop and a blacksmith, many players spent their time here as it provided quick access to an item box.

The Guest House acts as the player's private room, where they could access different Rooms based on their Hunter Rank, all rooms provided an item box, a felyne kitchen and a bed,

The Tavern is where quests are undertaken, featuring the guild master, guild gal (two in MHG), quest board and item shop.



  • Upon connecting, players would select between Red World and Green World, along with rooms labeled from A to Z.
    • Monster Hunter G expanded this by grouping different areas, such as Free-for-All and G-Rank only.
  • The Marketplace has an NPC down a ledge that provided information on market sales.
  • In the town there's a male NPC that's the brother to the once known "Legendary Gunner" NPC from Kokoto. Base from the conversation it's unknown to him if his brother still alive or not, he presume if his brother is still alive he likely a hermit in a village sitting under a tree. And his presumption is right, for his brother does sit under a tree in Kokoto Village in MH1.