Minegarde is the online town for the original Monster Hunter (and MHG) for the PS2 that ran until the servers for MH1 shut down. Despite being a port of the original game, this Town is not accessible in Monster Hunter Freedom. This town could be accessed by 8 Players at a time.

Town Layout

Central Square

Once you had picked a server (Red World or Green World) and a Town Area (A->Z), you would end up in the Central Square of Minegarde, coming up an elevator at the Bottom right.


The Armory

Entrance with a Jaw Blade on top of it, Where armors and weapons could be created, Most of your time would be spend here. Because there was no item box in the Tavern, Players had to walk all the way to the Armory ,or the Guest House, to grab or store an item.

MH1 Town Blacksmith


Entrance with a Tankard on top of it, Where players went for a chat over some beer, Get Drunk, Post and sign up for Low Rank Quests by talking to Becky or High Rank Quests by talking to Doris. This is where Hunters had to go see the Minegarde Master to Get their Hunter Rank unlocked, there was also an NPC selling Items. This version of the Tavern is also available offline in Monster Hunter Freedom though it is in Kokoto Village, not Minegarde.


Guest House

Entrance Up the Stairs next to the Tavern Entrance, Here Players could rent one of the Rooms based on their Hunter Rank. In where items could be stored, meals eaten for kitchen skills, and the game saved.

MH1 Town Guest House


Entrance at the Bottom left, Here Players could find a Combine Shop, Material Shop, Food Shop, and a Tool Shop. Sometimes the Online Market-place featured Specials for one day only. For instance, certain merchants sometimes featured additional sale items that were hard to obtain otherwise or half-price day, when all merchants except the combination shop clerk slash their prices in half. A fast way to find out if the market-place was featuring any specials was to speak to the dockworker at the bottom of the ramp in the market-place area, He always revealed which merchants had special items or limited time sales, if any. One of these specials was the So-Called "Claw Day", A day when the market sold Wyvern Claws, which were valued by Hunters as they could be Combined with Sm Bone Husks for Clust S Lv2 ammo (Used to do Fatalis in late-game).

  • Dockworker


  • Material Shop


  • Combine Shop(Left) & Food Shop(Right)


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Monster Hunter online town

Monster Hunter online town

初代モンスターハンター【MH無印 】最終クエスト 伝説の黒龍 4 +街の様子

初代モンスターハンター【MH無印 】最終クエスト 伝説の黒龍 4 +街の様子

モンスターハンター 懐かしのオンラインミナガルデ

モンスターハンター 懐かしのオンラインミナガルデ

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