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Like previous Monster Hunter games, its offline mode comes with a Village and Farm. Moga Farm is quite small and for the first time in the series, there are no mining or fishing spots. Moga Farm is not actually part of the village, rather it is the opposite. Since the village is built on a port and cannot support its own crops, it has been connected to an Island via a bridge (as seen in the photo to the right). The farm is where you will find Poogie and four main gathering resources: fields, mushrooms, insects, and honey. Players do not gather on their own, instead they will make use of 1-3 Felynes to do the work and the resources are collected through the Head Farmer.

Felynes are assigned to a facility and the number of cycles they are to cultivate. The number of cycles you can cultivate depends on the level of your facility; 10 is the maximum. Each cultivation will cost resource points and will vary depending on what item is used. It generally takes about half a day for a single harvest (day to night or vice versa). Players can increase the amount of yield their facilities produce by using fertilizers. For example, Dung can be used to help increase your yield in the fields, and Shroom Germ can be used for your mushrooms.

Aside from these four facilities, there is an entrance directly to the Moga Woods and also a cave behind the waterfall which houses a mysterious object that becomes a mask for Cha-Cha as you progress through the game


Resource Level Points Upgrade Materials Unlock Conditions
Lv1 ---- ---- ----
Lv2 300pt
  • Dung x2
  • Super-sized Dung x1
Clear ★2 "Big Game Hunting"
Lv3 500pt
  • Fertile Mud x2
  • Super-sized Dung x2
  • Catalyst x2
Clear ★4 ""Trial of the Sea Dragon"
Lv1 ---- ---- ----
Lv2 80pt ---- Clear ★1 "Farm Aid"
Lv3 500pt
  • Monster Fluid x1
  • Shroom Germ+ x3
  • Big Fin x1
Clear ★3 "Accident Investigation"
Bee Hive
Lv1 300pt
  • Cactus Flower x2
  • Earth Crystal x2
Clear ★2 "Shakalaka Savior! "
Lv2 400pt
  • Dash Extract x1
  • Cactus Flower x2
  • Bizzy Bees x2
Clear ★3 "Accident Investigation"
Lv3 500pt
  • Pale Extract x1
  • Cactus Flower x4
  • Bizzy Bees x2
Clear ★5 "The Volcano's Fury"
Lv1 150pt
  • Monster Fluid x1
Clear ★1 "No Love for Ludroth!"
Lv2 400pt
  • Funky Pheromones x4
  • Carpenterbug x3
Clear ★3 "Save Our Boat"
Lv3 500pt
  • BugMaker! Pro x4
  • Killer Beetle x3
Clear ★4 "Fell the Lagiacrus!"

Harvest Items

Field Row Mushrooms
Item Name Points Byproducts Item Name Points Byproducts
Herbs 5pt Blue Mushroom 5pt Worm
Antidote Herb 5pt Parashroom 20pt Worm
Sap Plant 10pt Exciteshroom 30pt
Paintberry 10pt Huskberry Dragon Toadstool 300pt Worm
Sleep Herb 10pt Toadstool 10pt
Fire Herb 20pt Huskberry Nitroshroom 20pt Worm
Needleberry 5pt Huskberry
Dragonfell Berry 100pt Huskberry Insect Box
Firedouse Berry 20pt Huskberry Item Name Points Byproducts
Waterblock Seed 20pt Huskberry Bitterbug 20pt
Icethaw Pellet 20pt Huskberry Godbug 100pt Insect Husk
Stormsender Seed 20pt Huskberry Yambug 10pt
Hot Pepper 20pt Bughopper 10pt
Cactus Flower 20pt Huskberry Snakebee Larva 20pt
Airweed 10pt Flashbug 80pt Insect Husk
Scatternut 20pt Huskberry Thunderbug 300pt Insect Husk
Ivy 10pt
Might Seed 80pt Bee Hive
Adamant Seed 60pt Item Name Points Byproducts
Bomberry 20pt Huskberry Honey 40pt Insect Husk
Nulberry 20pt Huskberry


Japanese Name Facility Effect Where to Obtain
モンスターのフン Dung Field Row Increase yield Reward for slaying an Aptonoth, gather in Area 8 in Moga Woods.
特大サイズのフン Super-sized Dung Field Row Increase yield Reward for slaying a large Aptonoth
肥沃なドロ Fertile Mud Field Row Increase yield Hunt a Barroth
薬用ムシドンドン BugMaker! Pro Insect Box Increase yield Trade from the Argosy Captain
強烈なフェロモン Funky Pheromones Insect Box Increase yield Reward for slaying a large Bnahabra
キノコの培菌 "培 Shroom Germ Mushrooms Increase yield Reward for slaying an Altaroth
キノコの倍々菌 Shroom Germ+ Mushrooms Increase yield Reward for slaying a large Altaroth
ドスはたらきバチ Bizzy Bees Bee Hive Increase yield Trade from the Argosy Captain
ツチノコトラップ Saturnian Trap All Increase yield
May also catch a Saturnian
Trade from the Argosy Captain