Moga Village is a small fishing village attached to a deserted island which appears to be an archipelego in the middle of a great ocean. After many years of peace, unexplainable earthquakes begin to shake and rattle the islands. A great Leviathan, Lagiacrus, is thought to be responsible. The Guild, in response, sends a new, untested hunter to handle the situation.

After the village inhabitants and the hunter rebuild the once-destroyed base camp in Moga Woods, the Guild shows its confidence by sending quests for the hunter. After many quests, villager requests, one unintended encounter with the Lagiacrus itself, and a rescue of a young Shakalaka named Cha-Cha, the Lagiacrus finally reappeared. After first repelling, then slaying the great Sea-King, another massive earthquake shook the village. The cause, once attributed to the now-deceased Lagiacrus, was a mystery. Cha-Cha had also disappeared for a time immedietly after the earthquake, and no one knew why. Shortly thereafter, Cha-Cha returned with a story of a great sea dragon dwelling below Moga Village inside a large tunnel network.

The Guild caught wind of the recent earthquakes and contemplated a full evacuation of the island, though continued to supply quests. The village elder finally revealed his past after hearing of the dragon, going on to reveal that not only had a sea-dwelling civilization lived in the tunnel networks below Moga Village, but Moga Village had been destroyed before by earthquakes. The elder himself was descended from the former guardians of the underwater ruins who had founded Moga Village and was once a seasoned hunter who specialized in underwater battles. The Elder claimed to have heard about the great whale-dragon, now known as Ceadeus by the Guild, in his youth, but was uncertain if a creature of its size could even live within the ruins- hence his assumption that the Lagiacrus was causing the earthquakes.

The Guild, losing faith in the village's chances for survival, ordered a complete evacuation. The order was promptly ignored, and the now-veteran hunter, backed by the villagers s/he had sworn to protect, attacked the Ceadeus in its own lair. Over the course of the battle, the hunter broke off the Ceadeus' large right horn, which the dragon butted against the cave walls to cause earthquakes. The Ceadeus fled after a long, drawn out battle, and the villager rejoiced over the victory. The Guild sent a missive proclaiming that the village hunter had defied direct orders, but the accusations were half-hearted in the face of the Ceadeus' defeat, as the hunter kept his/her license and was let off the hook. The hunter continued to work for the village, while making occasional trips to the great trade city of Loc Lac.


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Village Chief
MH3-chr n02
Chief's Son
MH3-chr n06
Argosy Captain
MH3-chr n05
MH3-chr n03
Guild Sweetheart
MH3-chr n07
Wyverian Artisan

MH3-chr n08
Itinerant Cook

MH3U: Canteen Recipes and Skills

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Head Farmer


  • Fleet Captain
  • Outfitter - A woman evidently working for Artisan. She sells weapons and armor.
  • Gal with the Goods - The town saleswoman.
  • Carefree Lad
  • Friendly villager
  • Future Alpha Male - A young boy that will give helpful tips over time.
  • Chamberlyne - A felyne who lives in your house. Speak to her if you wish to transfer arena data or move/remove furnishings.
  • Neko (means cat) - A felyne who works with the Argosy, takes to to Port Tanzia.

Moga Item Shop

Item Name Cost Item Name Cost Item Name Cost Item Name Cost Item Name Cost Item Name Cost Item Name Cost
Herb 66z Fishing Harpoon 140z Large Barrel 210z BBQ Spit 560z Pierce S Lv3 28z Flaming S 20z Paint S 10z
Antidote Herb 60z Old Pickaxe 60z Barrel Bomb S 156z Oxygen Supply 240z Pellet S Lv1 12z Water S 20z Exhaust S 12z
Sleep Herb 50z Pickaxe 160z Barrel Bomb L 518z Huskberry 2z Pellet S Lv2 18z Freeze S 20z Slicing S 15z
Potion 66z Old Bug Net 30z Bounce Bomb 180z Needleberry 22z Pellet S Lv3 24z Thunder S 20z Book of Combos 1 1000z
Antidote 60z Bug Net 80z Trap Tool 200z Normal S Lv2 2z Crag S Lv1 40z Recover S Lv1 8z Book of Combos 2 2000z
Whetstone 30z Cricket 10z Tranquilizer 150z Normal S Lv3 4z Clust S Lv1 38z Poison S Lv1 16z Book of Combos 3 5000z
Cool Drink 300z Worm 20z Hunting Horn 480z Pierce S Lv1 14z WyvernFire Lv1 54z Para S Lv1 26z Organizer Guide 3000z
Hot Drink 249z Small Barrel 80z Binoculars 50z Pierce S Lv2 20z Sub S Lv1 16z Sleep S Lv1 16z Pack Rat Guide 5000z