Monster Hunter 2 is the sequel of Monster Hunter. It was only released in Japan because the Monster Hunter series had only a small cult following elsewhere in the world, while being huge in Japan. New features include day and night changes, seasons, new monsters and new weapon types. Monster Hunter 2 did not see a North American release. However, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, a game based on its content, was able to make it to American shores.


  • New weapon classes: Long Sword, Gunlance, Hunting Horn, Bow.
  • Old weapons receive improvements, such as the ability to use items while Sword and Shield is unsheathed.
  • Several combinations for the same combination result, and combinations that require 3 items.
  • Some online items and ores from MH1 are available offline in MH2 (dragonite and firestone for example).
  • New Village, Jumbo Village, which can be upgraded by completing special requests.
  • New Town, Dundorma.
  • Players can visit Kokoto Village once the quests in Jumbo are done.
  • More shops, the local shop in Jumbo is a Felyne standing on a cart, a travelling merchant appears from time to time to sell other items, when the Blacksmith area is upgraded, a third shop is opened which sells battle-oriented items.
  • Able to mine at the village cave by giving the miner pickaxes.
  • Minigames are added exclusively to Jumbo (Arm wrestling and Drinking).
  • Day, Night and Seasons system, which affect monster spawns and quests that can be taken.
  • There are 3 seasons, Hot, Cold and Breeding, during the Hot Season it is impossible to take quests in the Desert, in the Cold Season, the Snowy Mountains become unavailable, the Breeding Season has all areas available, time of day and seasons change dynamically.
  • Players can pause the game during Offline Quests.
  • New Training school exclusive to Jumbo
  • New Armor Upgrade System, which requires Materials much like Weapons.
  • A new set of Hunting Locations with the same themes as those in 1st Generation.
  • Completely new Locations, such as the Tower and the Town.
  • New Monsters, along with New Monster Classes, such as the Carapaceon and Fanged Beast.
  • Subquest objectives added to quests.
  • Upgradable hunter's house in Jumbo village.
  • Hunters can fish in the village.
  • Online-only versus mode (players hunt each other's monsters).
  • USB connectivity with Monster Hunter Portable to unlock Yian Garuga for both games.
  • New slot system to add Skill Point Decorations to armor and weapons.
  • WANTED board offering increased payment for hunting Wanted monsters.
  • The ability to name/label your registered armor sets.



Monster Hunter 2 (Dos) features forty five returning monsters from previous titles alongside twenty four brand new monsters. The flagship monster of Monster Hunter 2 (Dos) is the Kushala Daora.
MH2-Felyne IconMH2-Melynx IconMH2-Shakalaka IconMH2-Vespoid IconMH2-Hornetaur IconMH2-Great Thunderbug IconMH2-Kelbi IconMH2-Mosswine IconMH2-Anteka IconMH2-Popo IconMH2-Aptonoth IconMH2-Apceros IconMH2-Giaprey IconMH2-Velociprey IconMH2-Velocidrome IconMH2-Genprey IconMH2-Gendrome IconMH2-Ioprey IconMH2-Iodrome IconMH2-Yian Kut-Ku IconMH2-Blue Yian Kut-Ku IconMH2-Yian Garuga IconMH2-Gypceros IconMH2-Purple Gypceros IconMH2-Remobra IconMH2-Rathian IconMH2-Pink Rathian IconMH2-Gold Rathian IconMH2-Rathalos IconMH2-Azure Rathalos IconMH2-Silver Rathalos IconMH2-Khezu IconMH2-Red Khezu IconMH2-Basarios IconMH2-Gravios IconMH2-Black Gravios IconMH2-Monoblos IconMH2-White Monoblos IconMH2-Diablos IconMH2-Black Diablos IconMH2-Cephalos IconMH2-Cephadrome IconMH2-Plesioth IconMH2-Green Plesioth IconMH2-Hermitaur IconMH2-Daimyo Hermitaur IconMH2-Ceanataur IconMH2-Shogun Ceanataur IconMH2-Shen Gaoren IconMH2-Bullfango IconMH2-Bulldrome IconMH2-Conga IconMH2-Congalala IconMH2-Blango IconMH2-Blangonga Icon MH2-Rajang IconMH2-Kirin IconMH2-Kushala Daora IconMH2-Rusted Kushala Daora IconMH2-Chameleos IconMH2-Lunastra IconMH2-Teostra IconMH2-Lao-Shan Lung IconMH2-Ashen Lao-Shan Lung IconMH2-Yama Tsukami IconMystery IconMystery IconMystery Icon



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