Monster Hunter Freedom is the first game in the Monster Hunter Portable/Freedom series for the PSP, content-wise, it is based on Monster Hunter G, including many of its features, but it is not a direct port of the game.





Many features from Monster Hunter G were retained, along with the introduction of new features.

  • Yian Garuga is introduced to the franchise, a violent relative of Yian Kut-Ku, this monster is notorious for being repelled like Elder Dragons from later generations.
  • White Velociprey are changed from being exclusive to late online quests and now appear in almost every rank among normal Velociprey.
  • Monster Subspecies can be hunted in Village Quests, although players aren't informed if a quest targets a subspecies unless the description mentions the monster's color.
  • Treasure Hunt quests, they are given by Treshi and can't be played solo.
  • The first village farm is introduced, it lies west of Kokoto and requires players to supply their own tools like Pickaxes and Bugnets, the gathering nodes here work just like in quests, tools can break, you may find nothing and there's no item box, in addition, items won't be sent to the box if your pouch is full.
  • Kokoto receives visual changes, its many bushes now have pink leaves, which can also be seen falling from above, while the tavern near the Chief has been turned into a gathering hall.

Monster Hunter Freedom Intro

Monster Hunter Freedom Intro


  • Being the first game in the Portable/Freedom series, although heavily based on Monster Hunter G, it is not an exact replica.
  • This game suffers from localization errors, while most of them are minor typos such as the misspelling of "Minagarde Night", some larger issues are present when playing the game in other languages, for example, the Spanish item list is displaced at one point, leading to many Azure Rathalos and Silver Rathalos materials having their names swapped.

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