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Monster Hunter Frontier Season Forward 1 features many new additions to the Frontier series including new monsters, new HC monsters and a new area among other things.


New Monsters

These new monsters are exclusive to Forward 1.


Rukodiora is an Elder Dragon and the flagship monster featured in the newest update of Monster Hunter Frontier. It inhabits a new Fort type area called Interceptor's Base, to which it is laying siege. Rukodiora's Japanese name 極龍 means Pole Dragon. It shares the same general build as other Elder Dragons, it has large gold colored horns, golden wings, grey scales, and spines along its tail. It appears to use the Dragon element, though this is unconfirmed. It is able to manipulate magnetism.


MHF『フォワード.1 襲来、双極の脅威』

Violent Laviente

The color variant of Laviente released with the new update to Monster Hunter Frontier. Instead of a red-ish shell it is white, with green eyes and a more muted shell and fins. It inhabits the Solitude Island, and exhibits new abilities not seen from an ordinary Laviente.


A subspecies of Rathian introduced in the new Monster Hunter Frontier Season Forward 1. She is quite different from the other three Rathian forms, and considerably more powerful. She has a wide range of new attacks, and was first introduced as a dark image where only one eye was visible.

New Hardcore Monsters

The new HC monsters introduced in Season Forward 1 are: Pink Rathian, Kamu and Nono Orugaron, Hypnocatrice Odd Species, Kushala Daora, and Red Khezu


MHF『フォワード.1 特異個体 カム・オルガロン ノノ・オルガロン』


MHF『フォワード.1 特異個体 リオレイア亜種』


MHF『フォワード.1 特異個体 クシャルダオラ』


MHF『フォワード.1 特異個体 フルフル亜種』


MHF『フォワード.1 特異個体 ヒプノック繁殖期』

New Area

A new Area called Interceptor's Base(迎撃拠点). It is reminiscent of Town. The Area also seemed to have a new type of Dragonator, as seen in the Trailer. The Area also features Ballista and Cannon areas. There also seems to be a contraption for traveling to other areas of the base.

There are some changes in old Areas. Seems to be that weather will now be implemented.


The duck that appears at the end of the trailer is a new pet introduced in Forward 1 similar to Poogie. Its name is "Gu ku (グーク)". It apparently has its own pond.

New Poogie Skin




MHF『フォワード.1 プロモーションムービー』