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An update for Monster Hunter Frontier. Very few details are known as of now, and updates to the website will begin as of January 13th of 2012. The preview opens with a roar, possibly one of the upcoming monsters.


New Monsters

  • Abiorugu (アビオルグ) was the first of the two new monsters to be introduced in F3. It is currently the only Brute Wyvern in Frontier and shares some moves with Deviljho. This fire-elemented Wyvern is infamous for using attacks in chains and at HR100, it is often accompanied by a mate.
  • Taikun Zamuza (タイクンザムザ) is a new Carapaceon and was the second monster released in F3. Much like the Barroth, Zamuza is covered in mud that hunters can break off. This monster is fought in the newly discovered cave that is located in Gogomoa's area. After taking some damage, the crab breaks the floor and progresses the hunt into "round 2". At this point, it becomes slightly harder to fight. Once sufficient damage is inflicted and time has passed, Zamuza breaks the floor again. This time, its orange shell breaks off to reveal a much smaller, more blue crab. During round 3, it becomes significantly different to fight and attacks much faster and more ferociously.