Monster Hunter Frontier 2.0

The second installment of the Frontier Series. It rasied the HR cap to 199 and bought with it a new monster.

New Monster

Espinas is a wyvern that is, for now, exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. Espinas is physically similar to a Rathian, but alongside scales their bodies are covered in hot pink spikes and rough green armor plating. There are two Espinas subspecies; the Espinas Subspecies, featured in Monster Hunter Frontier 2.5 (below), and the White Espinas featured in Monster Hunter Frontier 5.5.. It inhabits the Great Forest area.

Season 2.0 Trailer



Monster Hunter Frontier 2.5 Update

The update to season 2.0 features one new monster, the subspecies of Espinas which was introduced in 2.0. The HR cap was raised again, this time to 999. A hunter's festival was also included.

New Monster

The Espinas Subspecies is a sub-species of Espinas. It is thus far exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. It has an orange-brown carapace with red claws, horns, brown wings and it is well known for its Rage Mode, when yellowish colours spread across its body. It has unique weapons and armor variants of the original. It appears to be more aggressive than its green counterpart, as it has the ability to charge its attacks for serious damage.

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