Monster Hunter Frontier Season 3.0

Season 3 update for Monster Hunter Frontier, which has already been released. Features new some new monsters, and many game aspects have been improved. The release of 3.0 also marked the 1 year anniversary of MHFO.


  • Many new Felyne updates.
  • New armor shown.
  • New weapons.
  • Akura Vashimu introduced.
  • Silver Hypnocatrice introduced.
  • Many new weapons.
  • Ability to change armor color.
  • Deeper room customization.
  • New hairstyles.

New Monsters

The Akura Vashimu is a scorpion-like carapaceon that is thus far exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. The Akura Vashimu has blue-purple crystals growing on its claws, back, and tail tip. The Akura rests and hides underground, protruding its large mineral tail tip on the surface. If it is aware of nearby enemies, its tail breaks out of the sand and swings around violently, hurting anything nearby.

The Silver Hypnocatrice is a rare species of the Hypnocatrice and is thus far exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. The Silver Hypnocatrice is stronger than its other two counterparts, with a different moveset. It is only found in one area, the new Great Forest Peak.

FrontierGen-Silver Hypnocatrice Screenshot 001

New Weapons for this Season. A set of Weapons from Akura Vashimu and Silver Hypnocatrice. Also includes various SP and different reach type Weapons.

  • Akura Vashimu Great Sword
  • Akura Vashimu Sword and Shield
  • Akura Vashimu Dual Blades
  • Akura Vashimu Hammer
  • Akura Vashimu Lance
  • Akura Vashimu Light Bowgun
  • Silver Hypnocatrice Great Sword
  • Silver Hypnocatrice Sword and Shield
  • Silver Hypnocatrice Hunting Horn
  • Silver Hypnocatrice Gunlance
  • Silver Hypnocatrice Bow
  • Gendrome Great Sword (Short Reach)
  • Espinas Long Sword (Long Reach)
  • ザンブレイド【天】 Sword and Shield (Long Reach)
  • Shogun Ceanataur Dual Blades (Long Reach)
  • Gravios Hammer (Long Reach)
  • Silver Rathalos Hunting Horn
  • Yian Garuga Lance (Short Reach)
  • ヴェントカミーノ Gunlance
  • Lavasioth Light Bowgun
  • Rathalos and Rathian Heavy Bowgun
  • Gypceros Bow
  • Espinas SP Great Sword
  • Yian Kut-Ku SP Long Sword
  • Espinas SP Sword and Shield
  • Black Gravios SP Hammer
  • Basarios SP Hunting Horn
  • Yian Kut-Ku and Yian Garuga SP Gunlance
  • Tigrex SP Light Bowgun
  • Plesioth SP Bow

New Area

The Great Forest Peak (樹海頂部) is an additional area that is introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Version 3.0. It was first revealed on June 20, 2008. It is meant to be the top of the giant tree in the center of the Great Forest. Camp appears to be set in a steamy jungle grotto with hanging vines and rain poring through holes in the ceiling. This area is home only to the rare monsters, Espinas Rare Species and Silver Hypnocatrice, both of whom are fast asleep upon first entrance into the only area of the arena-like map. This may be connected to the secret area in the Great Forest in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Season 3.0 Trailer



Monster Hunter Frontier Season 3.5

The update to season 3.0. It features a new monster and an all new VS. Quests.

New Monster

The Akura Jebia is a scorpion monster that lives in the caves of swampy areas. Where as Akura Vashimu is purple, Jebia is mostly white and blue. Covered in spikes and horns, it is much more efficient at dishing damage than Vashimu. It is thus far exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier.