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The 6.0 pack for Monster Hunter Frontier released on September 16, 2009.

New Monsters

Nono Orugaron is an enormous white wolf with saber teeth, and with a blonde and slightly red mohawk running down its back, this is a wolf-like Pelagus monster found only in Monster Hunter Frontier.

Kamu Orugaron is an enormous black wolf with saber teeth, having a blonde and slightly red mohawk running down its back. It is confirmed that the Orugarons are Pelagus.

The Nono Orugaron is female, and often seen with its male counterpart the Kamu Orugaron (much like the Teostra and Lunastra, or the Rathalos and Rathian). Interestingly though, these new monsters are designed for a new kind of combat, as it would seem unlike Rathalos and Rathian, that Kamu and Nono stay with each other throughout the full course of the quest. They also attack almost simultaneously, with either the same move or moves that could cut the hunter off.

Season 6.0 Trailer