The 7.0 pack for Monster Hunter Frontier released on December 9, 2009. Includes 2 new monsters, a new area and a new Skill Cuff System.

New Monsters

Laviente (ラヴィエンテ) is introduced the Monster Hunter Frontier 7.0 Update. Laviente is an absolutely giant, tusked serpent living on a lonely island far from civilization, the new Solitude Island. It can burrow both underground and underwater.

Yama Tsukami is the other new monster featured in the 7.0 update, even though it debuted in the main series. It is a huge, floating Elder Dragon covered in moss. It can be hunted in the Tower.

New Area

The Solitude Island(絶島) is a new area introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier 7.0. It is an extremely remote area being inhabited only by Laviente and is characterized by many active geysers. Beyond the Island stretches an ocean. Travel to this area is by airship.

Season 7.0 Trailer