Monster Hunter Frontier 8.0

The 8.0 pack for Monster Hunter Frontier released April 21, 2010. Includes a new monsters, a new area and all new hardcore monsters. Also includes weapon update and HR 500+ special limits.

New Monster

Dyuragaua (デュラガウア) is a new ice-element Flying Wyvern featured in the Monster Hunter Frontier 8.0 update. The Dyuragaua was discovered making a nest in the Old Tower ruins, suggesting it may have avoided human contact for a long time. It is only because of the recent discovery of the new area, Nest Hole, that Dyuragaua was forced out of hiding. Dyuragaua has the typical body structure of a "Pseudowyvern".

New Area

The Nest Hole (巣穴), or simply "Den", is a newly discovered section of the Old Tower in Monster Hunter Frontier's Season 8 update.

Season 8.0 Trailer



Monster Hunter Frontier 8.5 Update

The update for season 8.0. Includes a new monster.

New Monster

Doragyurosu is a subspecies of Berukyurosu introduced in Season 8.5 of Monster Hunter Frontier. It lives in the Snowy Mountains, and is capable of using Dragon Element attacks. Its hair turns orange when in rage mode and it harnesses an even more advanced moveset than Berukyurosu. It is capable of paralyzing Hunters with its Dragon-Element attacks.