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Monster Hunter G is a Japan-exclusive game for PlayStation 2. It is an expansion to the original Monster Hunter with more quests, weaponry, and Subspecies of its existing monsters. Due to the series lack of popularity overseas, this PS2 title never made it outside of Japan. In 2006, however, Monster Hunter Freedom was released for the PSP, which is based on the content of MHG, albeit with several differences.

New Content

Completely new additions and features:

  • Monster Subspecies/Rare Species and size differences.
  • New skill system that was operated by numbers rather than armor.
  • New "G" rank quests.
  • Training School.
  • Higher sharpness levels.

Wii Port

Monster Hunter G was re-released on the Wii in Japan on Apr 23, 2009 bundled with a Monster Hunter G Classic Controller and a demo of Monster Hunter 3. It features a few differences with the PS2 version:

  • The game now displays in 16:9 widescreen.
  • The default controls are based on those of the Freedom series, with the right analog stick being used for the camera, but the player can switch to a PS2 control layout.
  • Weapon moveset is based on those of 2nd generation games, with additions such as the Greatsword Charge and the Sword and Shield shielding Upswing, the game however does not contain 2nd generation weapons.
  • You start the game with 1 of each available weapon and basic armor.
  • The armory and smithy now have a preview screen for equipment.
  • Harvest Tour quests have been added to village.
  • Players can now send rewards directly to their item box.
  • Items in the Item Box can be stacked up to 99.
  • Players can now sit at the table next to the Kokoto Chief & order food from the Felyne waiter.
  • You can now unlock different Poogie outfits and give itlunch, both outfits and the available lunches unlock as the player progresses through village quests, selecting the lunch option will prompt a selection for lunch and then an item to use (Herb or Honey), after which Poogie will leave for an adventure and return with items after you've completed a non-tour quest, similar to Trenya, sometimes you'll hear the sound cue for burning meat, indicating that the item haul is poor.
  • You can change Poogie's outfit and feed it at the item box.


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