Monster Hunter Hunting Card is a new Trading Card Game using the Monster Hunter Series. Capcom will be starting the series on October 25. The "Monster Hunter Hunting Card" series will consist of a 1,200 yen starter deck and a set of 315 yen booster packs.

The Monster Hunter game will see periodic card updates. Following the October 25 debut, Capcom is planning seasonal updates for Winter 2008, Spring 2009 and Summer 2009.

Capcom huntingcard

How to Play

The set rules are unknown, but the card version of the franchise seems like it will replicate the video game version closely. Players make use of Hunter Cards, armor Cards, weapon cards, and other variety of cards to defeat monsters. each player has 1 hunter card and a deck of 40 cards. the deck consist of monster cards, item cards, weapon cards, and armor cards. there is a playsheet that is used for the trading card game and is where all the action takes place. the play sheet is like a map with 2 sides, one side is used for 1 on 1 while the other side is for up to 4 players. each turn you draw up to 6 cards discarding if you need to. then you place face down a monster card anywhere on the map. then you move your hunter up to his or her maximum move. if you run into a monster while moving you may choose to fight it. the point of the game is to defeat monsters and increase your hunter rank to 20 first. if you get your hunter rank to 20 first you win, if all other players retire 3 times each you win.

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