Monster Hunter Hunting Card is a new Trading Card Game using the Monster Hunter Series. Capcom will be starting the series on October 25. The "Monster Hunter Hunting Card" series will consist of a 1,200 yen starter deck and a set of 315 yen booster packs.

The Monster Hunter game will see periodic card updates. Following the October 25 debut, Capcom is planning seasonal updates for Winter 2008, Spring 2009 and Summer 2009.

How to Play

The set rules are unknown, but the card version of the franchise seems like it will replicate the video game version closely. Players make use of Hunter Cards, Event Cards, and other variety of cards to defeat monsters and clear quest objectives that are listed on Quest Cards. Clearing a quest earns a player Guild Points, with the goal being to be the first player to reach the 2,000 point mark.

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