Card Files

Dimensions: 310mm high, 260mm long, 40mm wide. contain 9 sheets inside, each holding 9 cards which sell for 1,785 yen. A packet of Refill sheets will cost 735 yen.

Card Boxes

Dimensions: 95mm long, 37mm wide, 68mm high, which sell for 368 yen.

Carrying Sleeves

Dimensions: 92mm high, 67mm long. Able to contain up to 50 cards which sell for 525 yen. Many different sleeve variations as shown below.

Artwork Book

Contains 175 pages of artwork, each page with 2-3 images. Divided into 5 sections: "Promotion Card/Package", "Shadows in the Ocean of Trees", "Strong Man's Bonds", "Emperor of Roaring Flames" and "Golden Anger". Also contains Illustrators' comments and instructions on how to play the Trading Card Game.

Other pages:

Monster Hunter Hunting Card Packs

Monster Hunter Hunting Card Game Cards

Monster Hunter Hunting Card

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