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The 9th chapter of the Monster Hunter Orage.


Ch.9 starts out with Ailee and Sakya discussing their new upgraded armor and weapons from the Naco Agul and applauding Kibalion-Sensei for his work. They worry about Shiki and want him to wake up so he can see his weapons, but when a mysterious draft goes into the room, they head outside and see Shiki trying to handle strong wind attacks from his new upgraded Dual Swords. Shiki and co. now have great motivation to go hunt the Myo Galuna and start discussing where it might be. Kibalion-Sensei talks about how he once heard a story from an arms merchant who told that there was a maze where ancient peoples would hide the "fragments of the stars (the ancients used to nickname Myo Galuna the 'last star')." Kibalion tells of how the location is far north, and how there may be amazing treasures in the cave, but warns that it is very convoluted and all hunters that have gone in have never been reported to come back. Kibalion also warns that a ferocious zombie dragon, Gilkuza, won't allow any hunters into its lair. Shiki then vows to find and battle Gilkuza to find clues on Myo Galuna and for future explorations.

Meanwhile, after half a year of training, Curlon Belusas accepts the offer of a cult leader to hunt the Myo Galuna, and then grants him the status of "Seal Hunter."

Shiki and co. then begin their travels to the Labyrinth and run into a large group of Yian Kut-Ku's, to which Shiki easily slays them with the help of his powerfully upgraded Dual Swords, Divine Storm. The scene then switches to Kirck, the Royal Paleontologist, who needs to write a long essay, but is interrupted when a draft from Shiki's weapon blows the essay away. Kirck watches Shiki take down all the Kut-Ku's with wind and is amazed, and writes his essay on Shiki and the legendary "orage" (which is French for 'storm').