Acamarya / アカマーヤ


First Appearance:CH1 Orage

The hometown of Greylee and Ailee Jeskar and where Shiki trained. Lying at the foot of a dormant volcano (Mt. Alikbee), villagers and travelers take advantage of the abundant minerals and ores available to them. The town has a large number of hunters, making the Guild a great attraction.

Marsh / 沼地

First Appearance:Chapter 2
Where Sakya's family lived. Their father was a great smith and died trying to get a flower made from the spit of the Delma-Ioprey to cure Sakya. Sakya's mother died from the poison of the Delma-Ioprey when both of them tried to defend their home. Finally it was killed by Sakya, Shiki and Ailee. The Marsh has ran out of resources for smithing and is the location of a "crystallized" Khezu .

Kingdom Capital / 王国首都

First Appearance:

Great Steward Hall / 大老殿

First Appearance:

Peperro Village

First Appearance: Chapter 10
A rest stop for hunters without a Guild Office. Shiki and gang rests here before heading out to the Maze. Underground hot springs are its main tourist attraction. Ailee and Sakya joke about a Lavasioth below supplying heat for the spring.


First Appearance: Chapter 10
A private competition secretly owned by Shadow. The supposed reward for winning the competition is a map showing Myo Galuna's location.

Ancient City Gilgamess / 古都ギル・ガメス

First Appearance: Chapter 10 & 11
Also known as the "Labyrinth". This is where the Zombie Dragon, Gilkuza resides.

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