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In-Game Information

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"Small herbivores that can be found on the Deserted Island. Their soft, high-quality fur has been used since ancient times in clothing and ceremonial tools, and can be shaved off of them with cutting weapons. They are docile and raised as livestock in many regions."


  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Moofah

Moofah are a species of Herbivore found in the wild and often domesticated in villages such as Bherna.

Habitat Range

Moofah are known to inhabit the Deserted Island and some mountainous areas.

Ecological Niche

Moofah are low in the food chain, often being eaten by predators such as Malfestio. Moofah feed on grasses and other plants in an area.

Biological Adaptions

Moofah have two pairs of horns on their head. These horns differ from males and females. The hair of Moofah is used to keep them warm. This wool is commonly used in clothing. The Moofah's milk is prized for its taste and nutritional value, and is also used to produce fine cheeses.


Moofah are timid in nature until provoked.

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