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Morudomunto is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


Morudomunto have body structures similar to the likes of Gore Magala. They have white scales with some patches of steel blue, large dark grey feet with four claws and tuffs of fur on its legs, large muscular wings with tuffs of fur on the "hands", the "wingarms" also have what looks like singular red lines running along them with a few spines lining them that resemble teeth, and parts of the membranes are torn. They have large spear like spines running along their backs and their long tails, which end in clubs that somewhat resemble large clawed hands. Their necks have large throats sacs with vent like openings. They have two sharp tusks but with mouths full of flat teeth and also have barbed tongues. And their most distinct characteristic is the large black crown-like set of horns on their heads.


Morudomunto are able to produce a black metallic substance in their bodies which they can secrete (like when slamming its tail against the ground for example) or spit out. After awhile this substance will harden into beds of spikes on the ground. And another surprising ability they have involves their wings, not only can they stretch quite a distance allowing them to essentially drag themselves around, along with the standard ability to fly, but the a large portion of each can also split open revealing a large mouth full of numerous sharp teeth, which can be used to bite at or swallow prey from a distance.


They are very aggressive and require a lot of energy to survive, and thus are known to try and eat anything they come across.


Morudomunto have only been confirmed to be living in the Tundra, but reports of them have been coming from many different areas.


The Japanese name (Morudomunto) comes from the German word "mord", which means murder and bite, and "mund", which means mouth and cloak.

Game Appearances

Main Series

  • None



In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Explore
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Music Themes

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General Notes

  • When enraged its veins and upper body glow blue.
  • Its horns, claws, and tail can be broken.
  • Oddly, whenever the "arm mouths" are open the insides will occasionally crackle with what visually appears to be red colored electricity.
  • Morudomunto makes an appearance in the game TEPPEN as a Unit Card