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In-Game Information

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Wild pigs covered in moss and fungus. Sometimes mushrooms can even be found growing on them. Their meat is known as a delicacy. Though normally docile, they will charge at a hunter if angered.


  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Mosswine
  • Species: Mosswine

Distant relatives of the Bullfango, Mosswine are a Herbivore that can be described as unusual to some.

Habitat Range

Mosswine have been observed in Forest and Hills, Old Jungle, Old Swamp, Jungle, Swamp, Great Forest, Gorge, Highland, Dawnwind Valley, and Dark Veil Forest.

Ecological Niche

Quite low in the food chain, Mosswine serve as an easy food source to predators. Their trademark moss and mushrooms growing on their back is both natural camouflage and an emergency food source.

Biological Adaptations

Mosswine possess a short, stout nose that has a keen sense of smell and helps dig up mushrooms and roots. Mosswine's only form of self-defense is the bony armored plate on their forehead. They will ram enemies as a last resort, and, although it causes little actual damage, is a source of endless discontent by hunters. Mosswine also grow moss and mushrooms on their backs, with which they have a symbiotic relationship.


Mosswine are quite calm in nature until threatened by a predator. If attacked, Mosswine will charge a foe in attempt to protect themselves.

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