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Mysterious Mi Ru are Extreme Individuals of Mi Ru introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.


Mysterious Mi Ru is very similar to a standard Mi Ru, although its scales and fur are a more sleek silver instead of the standard's mostly black body. Its crystals are also noticeably whiter. Mysterious Mi Ru is also covered in a strange blue aura.


Mysterious Mi Ru has much more control over its various forms, and thus stays in each form much longer than its standard counterpart. Each form is also significantly stronger, and its abilities far surpass those of a regular Mi Ru.


Mysterious Mi Ru is much more aggressive than the average Mi Ru.


Like the standard Mi Ru, Mysterious Mi Ru is found in the Nest Hole.

Game Appearances

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Main Series

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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  • While the standard Mi Ru can only be fought in a randomly appearing quest, similar to Safi'jiiva and Kulve Taroth, Mysterious Mi Ru is fought in an event quest that is always accessible once unlocked.