Dual Blades Icon Green.png Rare 5
Névé Bite / グレイシャーバイト

MH4-Dual Blades Render 016.png

Level: Attack: Special: Affinity: Slots: Defense:
LV1 330 Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 Icon.png Ice 34
Status Effect-Waterblight MH4 Icon.png Water 30
0% --- N/A

Level: Sharpness: Sharpness +1: Sharpness +2:
LV1 White Purple Purple

Description: == Ultimate Form ==
The coveted Ultimate Form of the Cool Cleavers.

Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buy-able from Store: No Buying Cost: N/A
Creation Materials: Upgrade Materials:


Ukanlos Shoveljaw+ / 崩竜の重削顎 x2
Hyper Zamtrios Piel / 獰猛化化け鮫厚皮 x4
Paddock Cream / カワズの大殿油 x2
GR Zamtrios Materials x12

Creation Cost: Upgrade Cost:
N/A 78400z
Creation Byproduct: Upgrade Byproduct:
N/A Hyper Zamtrios Scrap X x2

Weapon Path:
Upgraded From: >> Névé Bite >> Upgrades Into:
Rare 5 Frozen Cleavers (Level 2) N/A
MHGU: Dual Blades Weapon Tree
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