Namielle is an Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


Namielle is an Elder Dragon that has aspects of manta rays, deep sea fish, and jellyfish. Its massive wings are colored black on top and a light blue on the underside, with rainbow luminescence that pulses constantly. Its head is red and blue with the same pulsing luminescence but when drained of its water and dried out, it has a milky tan coloring that affects both its body and the underside of its wings. It also has multiple long whiskers on the lower jaw.

Behavior and Abilities

Namielle is a seemingly passive monster, and only fights when provoked. It has the power to generate, absorb and manipulate water at will. When in danger, it will electrify its body and use the tips of its wings to touch patches of water and make them explode violently into steam. Namielle also has the power to float, and fly without beating its wings, soaring through the sky similar to a manta ray.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Namielle Icon.png An elder dragon coated in water and able to freely control lightning. A unique organ allows it to pump electricity into the pools of water it creates, causing massive bursts of steam.

Element/Status Effectiveness

Element Effectiveness Status Effectiveness
Fire ★★★ Poison ★★★
Water Sleep
Thunder Paralysis
Ice Blast ★★★
Dragon ★★ Stun ★★

Monster Materials

Item Name Rarity Value Description
MHW-Hide Icon Purple.png
Namielle Finehide
11 4360z Very rare Namielle material. Mostly obtained by carving. Broadly used for many purposes.
MHW-Wing Icon Orange.png
Namielle Fellwing
11 8960z Very rare Namielle material. Obtained by breaking its wings. Supple, used to craft gear.
MHW-Monster Parts Icon Purple.png
Namielle Whisker
11 9600z Very rare Namielle material. Obtained by breaking its head. Grants thunder element properties.
MHW-Tail Icon Purple.png
Namielle Lash
11 9280z Very rare Namielle material. Obtained by carving its severed tail. Stiff, used to craft gear.
MHW-Claw Icon Purple.png
Namielle Hardclaw
11 9120z Very rare Namielle material. Obtained by breaking its forelegs. Sharp, used in many weapons.
FourthGen-Ball Icon Dark Red.png
Large Elder Dragon Gem
12 21000z A giant, ultra-rare stone that forms inside an Elder Dragon once in a millennium.
Guiding Lands Only
MHW-Hide Icon Purple.png
Enchanting Finehide
11 4000z Very rare Namielle material. The Guiding Lands' energy fortifies the monsters living there.
MHW-Hide Icon Purple.png
Tempered Trancehide
11 6000z Very rare Tempered Namielle material. A product of the brutal power struggle in the Guiding Lands.


For more information, see Namielle Equipment

Namielle materials can be used to craft three different armor sets: Tentacle α+ Armor, Tentacle β+ Armor, and Tentacle γ+ Armor. The last one comes from Arch-Tempered Namielle.

The following is a complete weapon list for Namielle weapons:

Long Sword Sword & Shield Hunting Horn
Lance Gunlance Switch Axe
Charge Blade Insect Glaive Light Bowgun
Heavy Bowgun Bow


For more images, see Namielle Photo Gallery


  • Its appearance is based on deep sea animals such as vampire squid and comb jellies.
  • Namielle's water puddles can be drained by shooting Brightmoss at them.
  • Namielle has two power-up states, the Charged and Hydrated state. Unlike Teostra's Blast and Fire mode, Namielle can and will try to apply both power-ups at a time.
    • The Charged state begins after Namielle creates an initial burst of electricity, after which currents of electricity occasionally surge from the dragon's body. This state allows Namielle to use its Thunder-based attacks and short-circuit water puddles it creates on the field. The Charged state can be doused via Elderseal, but not by toppling Namielle.
    • The Hydrated state begins after Namielle absorbs a huge amount of water into its body, turning a bright color as opposed to its normal dark pigment. This mode modifies Namielle's resistance into taking less physical damage, but more elemental damage. The mode allows Namielle to use its puddles as an extension to its torrential attacks. The Hydrated state can be doused via Elderseal and toppling the dragon, with part-breaking occasionally working as well.
    • When both power-ups are active, Namielle can enter an advanced state where its body turns bright bioluminescent, increasing the overall damage it deals with its attacks.
    • Namielle will always drop both power-ups after performing its "ultimate" attack. This attack can be anticipated by the camera zooming out, and Namielle surrounding a wide area with water. Namielle will jump up and slam down, electrifying the water, with a large burst of electricity following shortly after.
  • The electrical burst of Namielle's ultimate attack has a separate initial hit that inflicts minor flinch. This flinching effect is often enough to eliminate the reaction window for hunters to do any maneuver against the climatic explosion. This seperate hit is also present on all of Namielle's electric attacks that electrify a water patch.
    • The ultimate attack also makes every water patch it connects to explode, unlike the standard electric attacks.
  • Tempered Namielle will always spawn in the Hydrated state, but not Charged.
  • Arch-Tempered Namielle creates more puddles from its attacks, and can trigger reactions from puddles placed further away. Its ultimate attack also deposits more puddles in a much wider radius, often covering an entire small area.

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