Nargacuga are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.


It has black scales, black fur and nightmarish red eyes, giving it the look and style of a predatory black panther. Its dark, feral appearance suggests that it may mainly be a nocturnal predator. This wyvern has been sighted within the Great Forest at both night and daytime, the Jungle, and also the Old Swamp. When it's in Rage Mode, its eyes glow bright red and leave a trail of reddish lines when Nargacuga moves. Also, its tail erects large spikes which can be flung and linked up with its attacks for devastating hits. Their vertebrae and tail muscles are extremely flexible, making the tail of Nargacuga also prehensile. Its tail is also its most powerful weapon. The scales at the end of the tail can also be shaken to produce rattling sounds similar to that of a rattlesnake.

Like Yian Kut-Ku, they are surprised by the shock of sound (Sonic Bombs, Barrel Bombs, etc.) which will make them enter rage mode as soon as they recover.


Nargacuga has the ability to attack with almost every part of its body, mainly its bladed wings and its spiked tail. Its head can be used for biting, similar to Tigrex. Its bladed wings are used almost for the entire battle and deal high damage. Its tail tip, which can be cut with a white bar of sharpness or above, is extremely dangerous. When in Rage Mode its tail spikes will protrude until it gets out of it (Although they will protrude when it uses tail slams and it shoots tail spikes). Nargacuga also has extremely strong muscles that let it jump long distances and tall heights at high speed.


Nargacuga is a careful and cautious monster. It is very easy for it to sneak up to a hunter. Nargacuga lives in dark places that it has adapted to. It rests on high trees that are hard to reach, or maybe can't be reached, so hunters can't catch it by surprise for capturing it. Nargacuga will wake up when hunters are right in front of the tree due to its natural senses.


Nargacuga is normally and mainly found in the Great Forest, although there are quests where Nargacuga can be found in the Old Swamp, Old Jungle, and Jungle. In Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Nargacuga can be found in the Misty Peaks. In Monster Hunter Generations Nargacuga can also be found in the Jurassic Frontier. As of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, they can now be found in the Ancient Forest and the Coral Highlands, as well as the Guiding Lands.

Game Appearances

Game Data

MHP3rd Elemental/Status Effectiveness

Information is taken from

Hitzone Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Head (Enraged) 20 10 25 (30) 15 15
Neck 15 5 15 5 10
Stomach 5 0 5 0 5
Wing Blade 25 5 35 10 15
Front Legs 5 5 10 5 10
Back Legs 10 0 15 0 5
Tail Tip 25 5 30 10 10
Tail (Enraged) 5 0 10 (15) 0 10
Hitzone Cut. D. Imp. D. Shot D.
Head (Enraged) 50 (55) 50 (55) 55 (60)
Neck 36 40 30
Stomach 25 25 30
Wing Blade 20 20 20
Front Legs 30 30 25
Back Legs 30 30 35
Tail Tip 25 25 30
Tail 36 36 25

MHWI Damage Effectiveness

Element Effectiveness Status Effectiveness
Fire ★★ Poison ★★
Water Sleep ★★
Thunder ★★★ Paralysis ★★
Ice Blast ★★
Dragon Stun ★★

Breakable Parts

Wing (Break) 2x Tail (Scar)
Wing wound.JPG Tail wound.JPG
Face (Break) Tail (Sever)
Face Wound.jpg Tail sever.JPG


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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
MHFU-Nargacuga Icon.png A uniquely-evolved wyvern that calls the forest its home. It hides itself in the shadows and slyly stalks its prey with terrifying speed and tenacity. Its unique tail can take down a medium-sized monster in a single swish.
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
MHP3-Nargacuga Icon.png 木々の生い茂る土地に生息する、独特の進化を遂げた飛竜。別名 ”迅竜” 。暗がりに身を潜め、恐るべき素早さで執拗かつ狡猾に獲物を狙い、追い詰める。戦うための武器として発達した尻尾は、非常にしなやかで、強烈な破壊力を持つ。
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Nargacuga Icon.png Flying wyverns that have evolved to live in thickly wooded areas. These sly beasts stalk their prey from the shadows with ferocious speed and dogged tenacity, and their massive tails are as dexterous as they are deadly.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★
Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Nargacuga Icon.png Flying wyverns that have evolved to live in thickly wooded areas. These sly beasts stalk their prey from the shadows with ferocious speed and dogged tenacity. Their massive tails are as dexterous as they are deadly, and powerful enough to slay smaller monsters with one strike.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Nargacuga Icon.png Extremely agile, especially on the ground, this obsidian-furred flying wyvern moves with explosive bursts of speed.
Monster Hunter Rise
MHRise-Nargacuga Icon.png Flying wyverns that have evolved to live in thickly wooded areas. Covered in jet black fur, these cunning predators stalk their prey from the shadows and attack with ferocious speed. Their massive tails are dexterous as they are deadly, and powerful enough to slay smaller monsters with one strike.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★
Monster Hunter Stories
MHST-Nargacuga Icon.png Flying Wyverns residing in wooded areas. Fearfully fast, persistent, and sly, they excel at hunting prey.
Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Nargacuga Icon.png (?)
Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Nargacuga Icon.png (?)
Threat Level (危険度): !!!!!!

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Silverwind Nargacuga

MHGen-Silverwind Nargacuga Render 001.png

Main Article: Silverwind Nargacuga

A Deviant of Nargacuga first appearing in Monster Hunter Generations.

Blinking Nargacuga

FrontierGen-Fleeting Nargacuga Render 001.png

Main Article: Blinking Nargacuga

Blinking Nargacuga (Japanese: 極み駆けるナルガクルガ) is an Extreme Individual version of Nargacuga first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier G10.

Fiercewater Nargacuga

MHXR-Fiercewater Nargacuga Render 001.png

Main Article: Fiercewater Nargacuga

A Special Species of Nargacuga first appearing in Monster Hunter Explore.


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Music Themes

MHFU/MHP3rd/MH3U/MHX: Nargacuga Theme


General Notes

  • Nargacuga's face, wings, and tail can be broken. Nargacuga's tail can be cut off, but only during a state of Rage prior to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
  • If the tail spikes come into contact with a Large Barrel Bomb, the bomb will detonate.
  • When Nargacuga is very close to death in the Great Forest, it will rest in the trees in Area 5. It will wake up and come back to the ground once the hunter gets close to it. The same goes for Area 5 of the Flooded Forest and Area 9 of the Misty Peaks in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, where a similarly large tree lives.
  • Pitfall traps work only when the Nargacuga is in Rage mode. They work for a greater length of time if it reverts to normal while trapped.
  • If a loud noise is made (Sonic Bombs, bombs) the Nargacuga will flinch. However it will immediately go into Rage Mode.
  • If the hunter throws a Sonic Bomb while the Nargacuga is in its Prowler Stance in Rage Mode, it falls over and drops a shiny.
  • When flinching, it moves 2 steps backward and shakes its head. This is also done by Tigrex.
  • Upon entering Rage Mode, it will jump horizontally quickly and roar.
  • Prior to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Nargacuga could fly off from any part of the area, unlike other wyverns, which must limp to a certain spot to flee.
    • As of Iceborne, Nargacuga now moves to other areas on foot.
  • Nargacuga's roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • According to one of the Uniqlo Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary T-Shirts, the size of the foot of a Nargacuga is 139 centimeters.
  • Prior to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Nargacuga would sometimes stand on its hind legs when idle.
    • As of Iceborne, Nargacuga no longer assumes this bipedal stance at any point.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

  • Nargacuga makes a comeback and gains a new attack.
  • A new green Subspecies is introduced.
  • The Nargacuga will now often slip after it pounces from its Prowler Stance when low on stamina and its wings are broken. To regain that stamina, Nargacuga feeds on Kelbi and Aptonoth.
  • After Nargacuga does a spinning attack, it will pause and shake its head.
  • Pitfall Traps now only last longer for one use on Narga. Subsequent pitfalls will only have regular pitfall durations.
    • Nargacuga may jump out of Pitfall Traps in High Rank Quests.
  • Breaking one of its wings will always cause it to fall to its side, leaving it open for attacks. Break its other wing for it to fall over again. This also applies to its subspecies.
  • Nargacuga is now most vulnerable to Thunder, as opposed to in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, where it was weakest to Fire.
  • Nargacuga does not need to be in Rage Mode before its tail can be severed.
  • Nargacuga is one of the Warning Monsters in the High Rank Quests.
  • In High Rank Guild Quests, Nargacuga sometimes charges at the hunter then jumps unexpectedly.

Monster Hunter Generations

  • In G Rank, Nargacuga can perform the double tail slam and has longer swiping combos like its subspecies and the Silverwind Nargacuga.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

  • It has turf wars with Rathalos, Fulgur Anjanath, Odogaron and its subspecies.
  • It is considered to be a second apex predator of the Ancient Forest, rivaling the Rathalos.
  • Nargacuga's tail spikes now inflict Bleeding upon contact.
    • Similarly to Fiercewater Nargacuga the tail spines in this game will stick to the ground for a few seconds after being thrown before disappearing, and inflict Bleeding if Hunters touch them.
  • Unlike in other games the tail spines protrude at all times except when tired, where they lay flat.
    • It can now shake its tail in a way similar to a Lucent Nargacuga to extend more spines on its tail, allowing it to fire more of them at once.
  • Nargacuga's tail cannot be wounded unlike in previous games, only severed.
  • During the second public beta of Iceborne, completing a quest would rarely cause the first quest to be replaced with a special version containing Nargacuga which could be distinguished by the description mentioning "reports of another mysterious monster!".
  • Nargacuga will feed on Raphinos and Aptonoth to recover stamina.

Monster Hunter Frontier

  • The Nargacuga present in this game are noticeably different in terms of abilities compared to other games.
    • It's believed that these Nargacuga are a different species similarly to Old World Rathalos vs New World Rathalos.
  • The tail spines inflict Poison in this game.
  • Nargacuga's enraged state appears differently in Frontier. The body gets noticeably brighter, the wing blades, ears, part of the tail, and the fur tuft on its back turn white, and its eyes leave light cyan trails.

Monster Hunter Explore

  • Even with the game saying that Nargacuga has the water element, it doesn't seems to use any elemental attack.

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