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Nef-Garmat is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


Nef-Garmat has the standard structure for Elder Dragons. It is covered mostly in golden and dark grey plates and scales. The wings are rather peculiar, the last finger on the wings has a backwards curve at all times, making it look like the other half of the wings are always curved in the opposite direction compared to nearly any other monster. Their heads resemble that of a Jackal, with red eyes, large blue ears, and a protrusion on the lower jaw resembling a Pharaoh's false beard. Running along the back of the neck are black tuffs of some sort, on the sides are large gold plates forming a sort of "hood". And running all the way along the back and tail are two blue stripes, the tail itself is long, wide, and rather flat.

When charged by a crystal said large light blue glowing crystal will be lodged in the opening at the end of the tail, numerous light blue highlights appear all around body, the blue part of the ears, the stripes, and many other bits also turn light blue, light blue crystal shards appear between the spikes on the legs, and a light blue aura will also radiate from Nef-Garmat complete with some crystal shard particle effects.


Nef-Garmat has a variety of physical attacks, charges, large claw/wing swipes, wing slams, soaring body slams, 360 degree spins, and tail slams. Nefu Garumudo is also notable for its geomency, like sticking its tail into the ground and causing bursts of sand from below all around it, or quickly leaping backwards while spitting some sand in front of it, creating a sinkhole that draws hunters towards the center and eventually bursts up in the middle, it can also breath sand while stationary, which will also make sinkholes.

When enraged Nef-Garmat will often immediately bury its tail deep into the ground attempting to suck up a particular crystal into the opening at the end of the tail, drawing in sand and rubble from all around as it does so, and even causing some bursts of blue energy nearby. Upon grabbing a crystal Nef-Garmat will become charged with energy and gains new attacks, such as a sliding pounce, raising stone columns from the ground before slamming against them, causing them to shatter and sending rubble flying, a leaping charge complete with bursts of energy with each hop, and a quick leap forward before quickly turning and pouncing back to where it came, creating an energy burst upon landing. The tail spin also now leaves behind s circle of energy that almost immediately explodes, and many of its existing attacks also appear energy charged, though this doesn't actually effect anything.


Like many monsters, Nef-Garmat do not take kindly to intruders in their territories. Notably Nef-Garmat are infamous for causing desertification with their abilities.


Nef-Garmat has been found living on a desert island out in the ocean, said area on the island it has been found in bearing a notable resemblance to the Great Desert.

Game Appearances

Main Series

  • None



  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Explore
MHXR-Nef-Garmat Icon.png (?)

Music Themes

【MHXR】冥晶龍ネフ・ガルムド(Nefu_garumudo)_戦闘BGM(高音質) MHXR: Nef-Garmat Music Theme


General Notes

  • Nef-Garmat's name was first localized in TEPPEN.[1]
  • When Nef-Garmat is enraged it will huff "white smoke" and will immediately try and grab a crystal to power up.
  • By attacking Nef-Garmat's tail enough it will lose grip on the crystal, losing its charge along with it. The hunter who touches the dropped crystal will get it stuck to their body, gaining a high Attack and Affinity boost while it's on.
    • The crystal can be knocked off hunters if they're hit by Nef-Garmat, in which case it will disappear shortly afterwards.
  • When charged up, the crystal on its tail becomes its new weak point.
  • While the extra details on Nef-Garmat while charged will disappear upon death, the crystal will remain clutched by the tail.
  • Nef-Garmat appeared as a boss in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as part of a collaboration.
    • In the game Nef-Garmat appeared charged up at all times.
  • The head and wings can be broken.
  • Nef-Garmat is seemingly based on the Egyptian God Anubis