Neko (Means Cat) (Japanese 剣ニャン丸) is a trader that travels the world with his master, the Argosy Captain.

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Neko is an adventurous businessmen that is full of himself in many ways.


It is unknown what Neko's past is exactly, however, he was saved from drowning at some point by the Argosy Captain. From this event, he followed the Argosy Captain constantly, in order to repay the debt, and eventually became a member of the Argosy Captain's crew. Now Neko is the Argosy Captain's apprentice. He has learnt how to steer the ship, trade with other merchants, and more over the years while working with the Argosy Captain. Neko occasionally works on his own without his master, but that is rare.


Neko has brown hair on his head and wears a yellow vest with indigo pants. He is known to carry a small sword on his back.


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