Odibatorasu is a Flying Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.5.


Odibatorasu is a hulking, flightless wyvern. Its body is mainly blood red with cream-coloured tips and highlights. It has a flat face with broad teeth and a ridgid chin. Upon its back is a large, flexible, and durable, cannon-like shell. Its overall body structure is highly reminiscent of that of other flightless Wyverns such as Akantor and Ukanlos


Odibatorasu is capable of taking in large quantities of sand and expelling it as a means of attacking. It can fire a steady stream of sand from its mouth, or launch more condensed projectiles from the circular opening on its shell. Odibatorasu cannot fly though they do accel quite well at digging, in addition to heavy physical strength typical for monsters its size.  


Odibatorasu is known to envelop itself in a large sand dune when at rest. Beyond that, little is known of its idle behaviour other than that it is aggressive towards those that encroach upon its territory. 


The dune behemoth's inhabit the Desert.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

HC Odibatorasu

FrontierGen-HC Odibatorasu Render 001

The cream highlights have orange tips, or have just turned orange, the spikes on the shell are slightly longer with some curving downwards slightly, and the horns on the head are a bit bigger.

Supremacy Odibatorasu

FrontierGen-Supremacy Odibatorasu Render 001

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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Music Themes

MHFG オディバトラス BGM

MHFG オディバトラス BGM

MHFG: Odibatorasu Music Theme


General Notes

  • Odibatorasu's head, both of its forelimbs and its back can be broken and its tail can be severed (SR100+ for tail).
  • Odibatorasu appears to oddly have been hinted from a book released close to MHP3rd's release. It was noted that a relative of Ukanlos, known as the Third God, lived in a desert.
  • During Forward 5 update of MHFO, Odibatorasu weapons, along with those of Raviente were some of the best pure raw power weapons in the series.
  • Odibatorasu appears to be a dominant predator in its habitat; the Forward 5 trailer depicts it preying on an Akura Vashimu and causing a herd of Apceros and Genprey to flee in a stampede.
  • Some of Odibatorasu's movements are similar to Akantor and Ukanlos.
  • Odibatorasu is known for the unbelievable attack strength of its sand manipulating roar when entering rage causing a deadly sand explosion with the power of monsters much higher than its rank.
  • Odibatorasu's shell appears to raise and lower with certain attacks, most notably when it fires sand into the air with its main cannon.
  • Odibatorasu's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Though Odibatorasu is similar to Akantor and Ukanlos, there are some differences that set it apart:
    • The range of Odibatorasu's Tail Sweep is considerably larger due to excess sand being swept up during the attack.
    • Odibatorasu is fought in a "standard area", rather than a "special area", like the Battleground.
    • Odibatorasu is the only one to have three "Digging" attacks.

Monster Hunter Frontier

  • Odibatorasu can first only be repelled at HR100 and killed as a HC monster at SR100 with some increased attack power.
    • HC Odibatorasu's roar requires Super HG Earplugs to block.
  • To upgrade Odibatorasu weapons to be of any major value, paper proofs acquired from killing Odibatorasu at SR100 are needed.
  • There is a quest that lets the player hunt a very small Odibatorasu similarly to the tiny Gammoth quest, also much like that quest any attacks Odibatorasu has that involve manipulating the sand have their normal range despite the size difference.

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