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MHF1-Jungle Map

Jungle Map (MHF1)

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Old Jungle Resource Map (MHFU)

The Old Jungle, also known as the Rain Forest, is a location introduced in Monster Hunter, characterized by dense, visibility-inhibiting vegetation, rivers and cold caves filled with ankle-depth water. This harsh environment is home to many monsters, such as Yian Kut-Ku, KhezuGypceros and Plesioth.

This location has plentiful amounts of Mushroom and Bug Gathering spots, one can follow Mosswines around as they tend to path towards Mushroom spots.

Common Resources

Resources Areas found in
MH4G-Bone Icon Yellow Bone Area 6
MH4G-Bone Icon Yellow Mystery Bone Area 6
MH4G-Husk Icon White Sm Bone Husk Area 6
MH4G-Husk Icon White Lg Bone Husk(MHFU) Area 6
MH4G-Bug Icon White Godbug Area 1, 5
MH4G-Bug Icon Yellow Thunderbug Area 1, 5
MH4G-Bug Icon Red Hercudrome Area 1
MH4G-Bug Icon Yellow Flashbug Area 1
MH4G-Bug Icon Orange Emperor Cricket Area 1, 5
MH4G-Bug Icon Purple King Scarab Area 1, 5
MH4G-Bug Icon Teal Royal Rhino Area 5
MH4G-Bug Icon Teal Divine Rhino Area 5
MH4G-Bug Icon Pink Rainbow Insect Area 5
MH4G-Bug Icon Grey Insect Husk Area 6, 7
Fish Bait
MH4G-Bait Icon Green Cricket Area 1
MH4G-Bait Icon Light Green Frog Area 7
MH4G-Bait Icon Grey Worm Area 8
MH4G-Herb Icon Purple Sunset Herb Area 1, 10
MH4G-Herb Icon Green Ivy Area 2
MH4G-Herb Icon White Sap Plant Area 5, 7
MH4G-Herb Icon Red Hot Pepper Area 5
MH4G-Herb Icon Green Herb Area 5, 7, 8
MH4G-Herb Icon Light Blue Antidote Herb Area 7
MH4G-Herb Icon Blue Sleep Herb Area 9
MH4G-Husk Icon Grey Huskberry Area 1, 3
MH4G-Seed Icon Grey Scatternut Area 1, 10
MH4G-Seed Icon Red Dragon Seed Area 10
MH4G-Mushroom Icon Red Dragon Toadstool Area 2, 3, 9
MH4G-Mushroom Icon White Special Mushroom Area 2, 8, 9, 10
MH4G-Mushroom Icon White Select Mushroom Area 8, 9, 10
MH4G-Mushroom Icon Yellow Parashroom Area 3
MH4G-Mushroom Icon Blue Blue Mushroom Area 8
MH4G-Ore Icon Grey Disk Stone Area 4
MH4G-Ore Icon Grey Stone Area 10
MH4G-Ore Icon Green Dragonite Ore Area 4, 9, 10
MH4G-Ore Icon White Earth Crystal Area 4, 10
MH4G-Ore Icon Grey Iron Ore Area 4, 9
MH4G-Ore Icon Yellow Goldstone Hunk Area 4, 9, 10
MH4G-Ore Icon Yellow Goldstone Piece Area 4
MH4G-Ore Icon Pink Union Ore Area 4, 10
MH4G-Ore Icon Purple Machalite Ore Area 4, 10
MH4G-Ore Icon Pink Carbalite Ore Area 4, 9, 10
MH4G-Whetstone Icon Yellow Whetstone Area 4
MH4G-Dung Icon Brown Dung Area 6
MH4G-Dung Icon Orange Wyvern Droppings Area 6
MH4G-Egg Icon White Wyvern Egg Area 6
MH4G-Spiderweb Icon White Spiderweb Area 6
MH4G-Scale Icon Pink Kut-Ku Scale Area 6
MH4G-Webbing Icon Orange Honey Area 2


Base Camp
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 038
Situated on a cliff side, one can see part of the Jungle below, and massive waterfalls far away, the ruins of an ancient corridor lead to Area 2, while stone stairs lead to Area 1.
Area 1
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 039
A dense forested area between cliffs, prey packs are seen in this area, some large monsters such as Yian Kut-Ku and Hypnocatrice, come to this area from time to time, there's a cave entrance leading to Area 4, and a narrow passage leading to area 3.
Monsters: Velociprey, Ioprey, Vespoid, Hornetaur.
Area 2
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 040
Similar to Area 1, one can find Aptonoth near the path back to Base Camp, and Mosswine on the other side, Bird Wyverns and Flying Wyverns often come here, there is a path around a giant tree that leads to Area 5, and a narrow passage to Area 3.
Monsters: Aptonoth, Mosswine.
Area 3
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 041
Another area with dense vegetation, one side ends on a cliff, while on the other runs a large river where Plesioth may be seen, Melynx are also commonly found in this area, by walking on a log you can go back to Area 2, while a passage on the other end leads to Area 7.
Monsters: Mosswine, Bullfango, Melynx.
Area 4
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 042
An L-shaped cave with a few ore nodes, usually overrun with Bullfango and/or Vespoid, one can go to Area 6 from here, Cave Dwelling Wyverns may come here.
Monsters: Mosswine, Bullfango, Vespoid.
Area 5
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 043
A small safe area, the Veggie Elder can be seen wandering around here, this area is bordered by giant trees, the only way out is back to Area 2.
Area 6
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 044
High in the cliffs of the jungle, Wyverns nest in this area, one can find a ledge with Wyvern Eggs, prey packs, Kelbi and Great Thunderbugs can be found here, you can view the jungle from one side and drop to Areas 4 and 7.
Monsters: Kelbi, Vespoid, Great Thunderbug, Velociprey, Ioprey.
Area 7
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 045
A less dense part of the jungle, the river continues here, Daimyo Hermitaur can be found sometimes in this area, there is a vine in one cliff leading to Area 6 and a cave entrance to Area 8.
Monsters: Velociprey, Ioprey, Vespoid, Hornetaur.
Area 8
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 046
A large cave bordered with waterfalls and ankle-depth water, many Herbivores can be seen feeding on the abundant vegetation, along with small lobsters that move away when you get close, there is a path to Area 9.
Monsters: Aptonoth, Vespoid.
Area 9
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 047
A small cave where Cave Dwelling Wyverns often come to, Mosswines can also be seen around the Mushroom Spots, it connects Area 8 with Area 10.
Monsters: Mosswine, Vespoid.
Area 10
MHFU-Old Jungle Screenshot 048
Another small cave where Cave Dwelling Monsters come to rest, it is only connected to Area 9, one can find a Fishing Spot here.
Monsters: Mosswine.


  • The small animals seen in Area 5 cannot be killed or interacted with in any way, they are only for scenery, same applies to the lobsters in Area 8, except they do react to players (by running away from them).
  • This is a good place to obtain points via Special Mushrooms.
  • This place is also the location for insect extermination quests involving the Vespoid and Hornetaur.


Music Themes

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Soundtrack - Jungle Battle!

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Soundtrack - Jungle Battle!

MH: Old Jungle Music Theme

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