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Oltura is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.


Oltura is a massive Elder Dragon with moth-like features on its wings. It's covered white in scales while the underbelly and the legs are covered in black shells. It has a long tail that ends in two prongs. On top of its head are two pairs of horns that glow light pink toward the end. The larger horns branch out into two prongs while the smaller ones look more like spikes. Their are rows of spikes on the shoulders. Oltura has six massive wings with moth-like shape and pattern. Initially, only two wings are active while the other four are folded up and only open when Oltura powers up. There are also four tendrils at the base of the tail. The eye spots on the wings change color depending on how much power and element Oltura channels. When near death and entering its true form, purple patterns also appear on its wings.

Its worm form consisted of giant, worm-like, gray tendrils with when mouth parts open up like a flower. The texture of the worm is strikingly similar to that of Rathalos's skin. There has been sighting of up to three worms at the same time in the same location. What body these tendrils are connected to is never seen.

Behavior and Abilities

An Oltura begins its life as a larval-like worm that can travel anywhere through the world. The Oltura does this by creating giant sinkholes, which destroy anything above them in the process, including villages. Oltura feeds on Rathalos in order to become strong and reach adulthood. It uses the rage-ray as a hypnotic light effect to lure the Rathalos in. Once a Rathalos arrives near the pits, Oltura will emerge to either eat the Rathalos whole or drain their energy. While a significant number of any kind of Rathalos will seemingly do, a Razewing Rathalos is particularly effective in accelerating Oltura's growth. It also appears to be willing to devour anything during its larval state, as anything that falls into a pit is never seen again.

Oltura's rage-rays also have an effect on other nearby monsters, changing them into Rage-Rayed Monsters. Though unlike with Rathalos, other monsters are simply driven into a frenzy. These rays along with Oltura's voice can also affect humans and Wyverians, which led to a cult forming devoted to worshipping it. However the cult was very misguided, as Oltura's only desire was to live.

Unfortunately, its a creature whose very existence upsets the balance of the world and causes great disaster and calamity throughout its life-cycle. Adult Oltura is smaller than its larval state, but even more powerful. It can use different elemental attacks and can create an aura to protect itself from attacks which can be broken should the eyes on its wings be targeted. This, paired with its all-consuming desire to live, its intensely aggressive approach to defending itself, destructive effect on the world around it, and disregard for all other living things, make it a threat to the entire world and makes co-existence nearly impossible.

Game Appearances

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin
MHST2-Oltura Icon.png From the pit in the Forbidden Grounds of Hakolo Island emerged the cradle of destruction—Oltura. When the reborn wings of this constantly evolving foe all become illuminated, a terrible power will be unleashed...


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