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Origin Species (Japanese 始種 Hajimeshu) are monsters that have inherited much more from their ancestors. These monsters are even closer related to their ancestors than other monsters they are related to such as Gravios. These monsters keep many primitive characteristics their ancestors had, and are considered to be quite an old species that may have even lived in ancient times. The Origin Species is an exclusive Species to Monster Hunter Frontier G.

List of Named Species by Game

Monster Hunter Frontier G


Monster Hunter Frontier G

FrontierGen-Gravios Render 002.png
FrontierGen-Gureadomosu Render 002.png
Gravios Gureadomosu
2ndGen-Yama Tsukami Render 001.png
FrontierGen-Yama Kurai Render 001.png
Yama Tsukami Yama Kurai
FrontierGen-Teostra Render 001.png
FrontierGen-Toa Tesukatora Render 001.png
Teostra Toa Tesukatora
2ndGen-Rajang Render 001.png
FrontierGen-Voljang Render 001.png
Rajang Voljang


  • Origin Species can only be encountered at HR5 and G-rank.