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Paolumu feast on eggs found in the Coral Highlands. They are abe to float through the air using unique sacs in their bodies, and attack with their extremely hard tails.


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Paolumu are classified as Flying Wyverns, however they appear to be mammals rather than reptiles and as such the classification may not be permanent or accurate. Perhaps the Guild may create a 'Flying Beasts' category to put this winged mammal into.

Habitat Range

Paolumu can be found flying through the cold spires of the Coral Highlands. They feed on the eggs of the coral growing there.

Ecological Niche

Paolumu feed on coral eggs, and therefore do not need to hunt prey. They are capable of defending themselves against other Coral Highlands predators like Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and Shamos, however they are no match for tougher monsters such as Legiana, Odogaron, Bazelgeuse and Deviljho. As a result, they try to avoid these foes by nesting and feeding amongst the coral woods and lower rocky cliff faces of the highlands.

Biological Adaptations

Paolumu are mostly covered in soft wide fur that protects them from the cold wind of the Coral Highlands. The rest of their bodies are plated in hard pink scale-like skin, especially the tail, which features raised triangular spikes and is the Paolumu's main form of defense. These tails are semi-prehensile and can curl into a tight roll to slap foes into submission. The Paolumu can also inhale vast amounts of cool air and inflate a sac in its neck. This inflated neck allows the Paolumu to hover over the ground with precision, and means that the beast can hover over unwary hunters before delivering a powerful blow. The Paolumu expels this air to deflate its neck sac, and this blast of air is a potent weapon as well. Paolumu individuals have even been known to blast smaller air 'missiles' to buffet the wings of Flying foes.


Paolumu are mostly calm creatures, content to feed peacefully and nest and raise their young on cliff nests and in coral grottos. However if Paolumu are provoked, they will defend themselves fiercely, unleashing a high scream like roar that will be heard by other Paolumu in the area.

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