Pig Racing

Pig racing is a semi-mini game first presented in MH Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village. You should first talk to the Felyne wearing a pig costume to start then you can choose your own pig-racing custom (Note: This custom will not be worn by your Poogi/Pugi during the normal gameplay.) After that they will ask you about the race theme, the number you want to be. After you finish the race they will ask you if you want to play again or no. However, if you pressed no, it will send you to a place with many pig stuff. If you want to go back to the village, there will be a door with a pig picture on the top. After you passed the door, you can't get back to that area unless you asked the Felyne wearing a pig custom again for a pig race, or you can simply press start -->click on the first option in the menu.
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