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Piscine Wyverns (Japanese: 魚竜種 Gyoryūshu) are a class of monsters introduced in the first generation. This class is made up of wyvern-like fish that have evolved to be specialized in swimming in just about anything, mainly water, and that lack the ability to fly.[1] These monsters are sluggish on land, though can balance themselves on land with their hindlegs.[2]

First Generation Piscine Wyverns

Second Generation Piscine Wyverns

Third Generation Piscine Wyverns

Fifth Generation Piscine Wyverns

Frontier Generation Piscine Wyverns

Monster Hunter Explore Piscine Wyverns


  • No new Piscine Wyverns were introduced in the Fourth Generation and Monster Hunter Online series.
  • There are no new Piscine Wyverns in the Monster Hunter Orage series.
  • There are currently no known Piscine Wyverns capable of using the Dragon Element.
  • Although Lavasioth originated in the Frontier Generation series, it was introduced globally in a Second Generation Monster Hunter game.
  • Gajau was classified as a Piscine Wyvern in Monster Hunter: World before being reclassified as a Fish in the April 19, 2018 patch.[3]


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